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The Gift of Rejection

Nancy Joy - Monday, July 16, 2012

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July 16, 2012

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Rejection is God’s gift to you.

It is His way of telling you that you are in the wrong track.

The Source of Miracles,  Kathleen McGowan

Rejection from family, friends, mentors, teachers, bosses, ourselves and even complete strangers is something we all deal with continually throughout our lives.  How it affects us emotionally depends on how deeply attached we are to the one handing out the rejection.  Some are so very deep and painful, such as rejection by a spouse, a beloved sibling, a parent and a very best friend. While others are more casual such as rejection from a stranger or from an Email for example so we are more adept at shifting them relatively quickly.

As I pondered rejection I followed a string of the most difficult ones in my life and without exception, everyone threw me into a redirection of my energy whether it happened slowly with much painful resistance or swiftly soon after the blow. I realized that in EVERY case, I ultimately allowed a sense of freedom to fill that vacuum which led me to refocus my direction. For example, one painful shift led me to explore a different place on the planet and create an entirely new flow with a new community of people I may never have come to know had I stayed planted where I was.  For years I had often journeyed back to the same place in Mexico feeling as if it was kind of like home and I did not see it was time for me to move on so my soul handled that for me.  I see now it was like the baby bird being kicked out of the nest.  Learn to fly and discover the world or close down and accept limitation.

The other thing I learned about rejection is that there are several types and they are very different as to cause and affect.  Rejection can be very real such as being fired by your boss versus a more ambiguous thing such as not being chosen for promotion or credited for work well done.  As with all emotions, it’s not the feeling that creates the outcome but how you choose to consciously use that feeling.  That’s were Kathleen McGowan’s quote touches me so deeply.  Just this understanding and point of consciousness will help me use rejection as a tool for redirection and freedom more easily and with less pain.  I see clearly it has always been just that but imagine how much more quickly you could shift if you consciously used the rejection to make a different choice. 

This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t feel the pain of rejection as it is that pain that makes us move.  It is also often a time to grieve what was before you move on.  In this case a review of the good times and the sweet heart connection goes a long way to help releasing the uncomfortable ending that, let’s face it, you created to send you on your way. 

So this week take the rejection journey in your meditation.  Allow several of your more notorious rejections (that would be ones that still hold an emotional charge for you) to surface and follow their threads of redirection in your life.  With each one you will feel better and better.  And just in case you haven’t yet bought the instrument of your rejection into gratitude and love, this would be an ideal time.  Once we redirect both emotional and mental constructs we have attached to certain feelings, we set them free to empower and direct us.  Now that’s progress. 

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