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The Magic Created on 11:11:11

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 21, 2011

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November 21, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

Last week I wanted to share with all of you the amazing experience we created here in Iowa for the 11:11:11 activation but alas I had laryngitis. Anyway, I’m back and excited to share our magical day.


Those who know me know that I am a “junkie” when it comes to joining a world wide movement to activate or create something wonderful on our planet and within our hearts.  Whether I plan a sacred journey around such special days or celebrate them here at home as I am guided, they always light me up.  From my first experience in 1987 for Harmonic Convergence through the Day of Destiny, Fire the Grid, Harmonic Concordance, the first 12:12:12 back in l991, solstices and equinoxes, and even certain eclipses and star gates have all been back drops for my group heart experiences. So last week’s 11:11:11 opened up a beautiful doorway right here in Iowa.


 I really believe that we humans aligning with these Special days consciously and activating them with our hearts is what creates a frequency that affects our entire planet.  So, in a sense, this event or any such day has as much impact as we create.   We are the creators. (See channeled piece below on the Significance of 11:11:11)


In our Unity Consciousness Circle, we decided to make the 11:11:11 an all day traveling ceremony!  We went by car caravan along about a 70 mile stretch south to north in  Eastern Iowa to 11 different properties of Circle members who wanted to create a ceremony on their land.  Each person created their own ceremony and each one was unique and very special.  We walked several labyrinths, we chanted and sang, connected with our indigenous ancestors, drummed and shared food each person offered all along the route.  It was a chilly but beautiful sunny day.  We visited a peace garden, a building in downtown Cedar Rapids that was even call the Peace Building and was the home of the Occupy movement there, several permaculture yards lovingly reactivated by Circle members, and so on.  We ended the event with a bonfire and a beautiful full moon rising above Cedar Falls as we released a lit lantern to the sky commemorating our intentions of unity.


This day was unbelievable and magical for me.  It was embracing, loving and expansive.  So much so that I became speechless (laryngitis) and I am so grateful to all my brothers and sisters who held space and/or participated with me.  We are truly the change we have been waiting for. 

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Reflections on the significance of 11-11-11

The magical day of 11-11-11 has now passed. For me, the occasion was marked by a joyous gathering, by candlelight, in an enormous teepee nestled in the hills of Pecos, New Mexico. It was an enchanted evening of meditation and celebration shared with a precious group of kindred beings from the Santa Fe Oneness study group. For untold thousands of others, similar beautiful celebrations and gatherings took place all over the world.

Now, with the auspicious date behind us, I started to wonder whether this occasion was indeed the “portal” that many spoke of—whether there actually was anything auspicious going on, beyond the hopes, dreams and projections of a particularly sincere, loving segment of the population.

Many years ago, I remember asking Oneness a question about the phenomenon of “11-11.” The brief answer I’d received at the time was that its significance was the significance that I gave it! Yet, somehow, I’ve always felt that there was something uncanny and wonderfully mysterious about the way that number always seemed to pop up before my very eyes, so unexpectedly. We never spoke of it again—until now. In light of 11-11-11, I asked Oneness to elaborate and explain the significance of what has been considered, in so many spiritual circles, to be a particularly auspicious date.

Love & Light,

November, 2011

The significance of 11-11-11 can be viewed from a multiplicity of perspectives. The power many assume to be associated with the date itself is merely one aspect of the potential inherent in this crossroads in time and space. That power is not so much the result of a convergence of astrological factors, as the product of the power infused by human consciousness in response to what is considered to be a “mysterious” phenomenon.

At a higher level, there are aspects of the consciousness of each of you, ready and waiting to assist in the shift in awareness that is slated for all of you. Collectively—for at that level, these aspects of individual Awareness resonate as One Being—the cue, “11-11,” was established as one that would be recognized as otherworldly and intriguing. The phenomenon captured the imaginations of many who, over the years, recognized the synchronicity in the uncanny experience of seeing “11-11” appear, when glancing at a clock—or any number of other manifestations—for seemingly no reason at all. The significance lies in your own recognition of the signal inherent in it. It is a reminder—not so much of where you are “headed” but of who you already Are.

It is a gentle nudge from within the depths of each of you, hidden in the midst of your busy day, that taps you out of nowhere and reminds you to stop what you are doing, if only for a moment—and simply Be. Side by side, each of you has learned to recognize the symbolism in this cue. Now, collectively, with the date 11-11-11, there came the opportunity to share in the revelation and to recognize that the changes taking place within each of you personally, are indeed taking place within all of you simultaneously.

Now, reflecting on the moment so many shared in sacred ceremony and in celebration, one begins to actually see the Oneness in the collective. One begins to recognize the perfection in a simple, inter-dimensional communication device that signals to you to stop—and to remember who you Are. And one begins to feel the harmony that is shared, as together you make the quantum leaps in consciousness slated for these times. So many of you stepped forth in response to this collective cue, memorialized by the intriguing date, 11-11-11. The opportunity now is to recognize the gift in it.

11-11-11 was not simply a mysterious, magical date that was long anticipated, joyously celebrated—and is now a memory relegated to the past. The opportunity is in the embracing of its significance as one that is to be carried forth by each of you, in every ongoing moment. The opportunity is to actually embody the realization of personal and collective Oneness that so many recognized and shared on that date. To know that this state of Presence is not simply something that eventually may “happen” to you someday, but is something that is ever-Present within you—as you—right Now.

As each imbibes and comes to embody the vibrational ramifications of such a shift in consciousness, collectively you begin to co-create the world you share as it is destined to be. Together, in your individual recognition of the profound personal transformation taking place within you, you contribute your own vibrational piece of the puzzle to the collective, which manifests as a world shared by all.

11-11-11 signifies a marker in time. It symbolizes a turning point in focus from one of personal transformation to one of collective transformation. Now, the secret is out! This journey in transformation is far too huge to be kept under wraps any longer. This date that has captured the imagination of so many, for so long, marks the point in time when that recognition reaches critical mass. It is the point when, quite suddenly, everyone recognizes the extraordinary shift taking place, and feels that it’s safe to acknowledge it.

Now, in the afterglow of the beautiful moments expressed in sacred ceremony, and in your reflection on the heartfelt words of prayer that were shared by so many, you can see how, in every ongoing moment, you are helping to birth a new level of mass-consciousness into the collective, simply by Being who you really Are. In those moments when you’re inclined to forget, you may just find that you glance at the clock for no reason at all—and it’s 11:11! And you’ll know that it’s Oneness, as your very own Self, giving you a wink.

~ ~ ~

For more information on the teaching of Oneness through Rasha please visit www.onenesswebsite.com





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