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The Value of Judgment

Nancy Joy - Monday, April 04, 2011

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April 4, 2011 

Nancy Joy's Video

Your heart unconditionally loves you and always will speak the truth in love. There is absolutely no judgment in your heart, Rose. If you hear yourself criticizing or blaming yourself or others, it is not your heart you are hearing. The heart knows no right or wrong. Your heart only knows love and will speak of love, compassion and freedom. The Wounded Heart a Novel by Nancy Joy Hefron

Well the last few weeks have been quite the ride into my deepest wound.  I will share more completely in my video but I do want to address judgment more specifically this Monday morning. Interesting how this sharing from my novel where the heart is talking to Rose surfaced for me today.  I have discovered so much about this thought form as it its tied into blame and shame. I also want to thank all of you who were moved to connect with me from my deep sharing in last week’s video.  Of course, this was because its depth touched your own wounds also.  This is the true meaning of unity.  When one person opens up their heart and shares their pain and vulnerability, it offers the opportunity for all to do the same.  This is our gift to one another.

In this world of polarity and duality it is such a mind pattern to judge.  It is almost automatic that when our wounds and secrets are triggered by another or by an experience we have created, we move into judgment.  In it lowest form judgment is projected outward in the form of blaming another.  In its deepest form and most personally difficult form, the judgment is projected within, on ourselves, on our inner child. How much more can I beat myself up? I went into this place profoundly.  The pain was so ancient and so real I had nothing more to do then ride its wave.

I have learned we are not yet consciousness enough to live with no judgment but when we are conscious that we are “judging” we have then created the opportunity to ride its wave into our own issues of blame and shame and heal ourselves and one another. Pay attention to your thoughts about others today and you will be amazed how much of it is judgment.  The difference between judgment and observation is that with clarity we observe with love another’s journey and our own, accepting that they are on their divine path. With unexpressed pain we send out judgmental thought forms and feelings towards another.  There is a HUGE difference.  Thoughts to ponder this Monday morning…

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