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The Value of the Void

Nancy Joy - Monday, April 25, 2011

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April 25, 2011 

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“The central feature that needs to be identified in the midst of chaos, any form of chaos, is the portal of opportunity.  The Hathors (Tom Kenyan)

Chaos is defined as a formless state of the universe unpredictability creating a state of confusion.  As the chaos in our inner and outer world intensifies, there is no escaping its grasp. And yet, chaos offers us a journey into the void, the mythical transition state out of which matter is created.

My favorite Egyptian God is Anubis who walks souls who have left the physical world through death (talk about chaos!) through the underworld ... the darkness. the void into, the new.   In a recent article by Tom Kenyon who channels the Hathor’s, Message from the Hathors they share the three kinds of chaos we experience as we walk this earth path.  During each chaotic threshold there is a period of confusion and darkness, a void as all the constructs that have supported a particular reality disappear.  Ezekiel says,” Chaos comes on sudden and silent wings with no warning, sucking your reality into a vacuum, leaving only empty space where once there was predictability. In that space is your Godmind.”

Interesting that yesterday was Easter Sunday or as I like to call it “resurrection day.”  It is in the void between the sudden emptiness that chaos brings and the silence that follows chaos’s destruction that you have the opportunity to create the new reality; if, that is, you have the courage not to run from the void.  The Bible begins with the statement, “In the beginning was the void.”  Close your eyes for a moment and move into the silence this Monday morning and imagine  entering the void.  What would your first creation be?   Thoughts to ponder this Monday morning.

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