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Nancy Joy - Monday, October 15, 2012

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October 15, 2012   Relationship

Today is the New Moon.  Embrace your new beginnings.

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“The intricacies and variations of your interactions and bonds with others are very complex. Relationships will come and go in your sojourns. Often the drama of a relationship ending is the springboard of a vast renewal although it may not feel so at the time of the emotional hurt and seeming trauma. Yet this is in truth a scope and lens into the self.”   Metatron

This brings to mind the knowing that we come into this earth alone and we shall depart alone and yet we are never alone at all. Having just completed an almost three year cycle with Saturn (the task master) in Libra, my birth sign, I especially related to Metatron’s words.  Ezekiel has always said that our toughest lessons come through what is dearest to our hearts, that which we dare not run from as these passions define us.  Mine is and has always been people… friends, partners, family, and groups. I have often felt more comfortable with people almost than with myself. It’s that "type A" personality business that lost me for here and there at times along the way.

 For me, the last three years have felt some what like a revolving door as my most profound relationships shifted all over the place, exhausting me emotionally and yet guiding me into the most profound relationship there is, the one with myself.  In that arena, the last three years have been amazing and quite beautiful in so many ways. Give my favorite friendship song from "Wicked" a listen: For Good  Truly thanking ALL my relationships!!!

I have felt my potential ripening and opening to new vistas I never even considered before.  Saturn has done its work.  Yet I feel this, of course, is true for everyone.  Relationships, all of them are so very complex and we are always drawn to our lessons.  We always seem to create drama around our relationships as our egos are floundering around trying to validate themselves by running over our very essence on the way to being right, to being in control, to having the answers and feeling fulfilled.  Sound familiar? 

As I approach my Birthday this coming week, I am hyper aware of this relationship journey and the beauty it has unfolded within me.  I now look forward to enjoying my relationships as they unfold my gifts in a new way, from inside myself.  I am truly looking through a new lens not only into the self because I go their more easily now, but looking outward also and seeing through new eyes what has always been there… the beauty of connecting hearts without as much attachment and expectation; the beauty of acceptance.  In loving myself more fully, I have found others so much easier to love.

So perhaps its time to take a look at your relationships past and present and discover the struggles your ego has created to be fulfilled.  There will never be enough wealth, enough things, enough people, enough love to fill us until we are enough.  And today, as I stand on the edge of 65 years on planet earth, 30 of them at least consciously unfolding my inner journey, I can honestly say I am enough, more than enough.  WHEW!  That feels so very good, so defining and so full.

On another note, I have had a renewed calling from Mother Egypt to re-energize  a heart felt group to come to Egypt to Celebrate the 12:12:12 at this time of such duality across our planet. I have several signed up and yet the energy had begun to falter.  My friends in Egypt are calling saying...  “Do not abandon us.  Come and help us heal as we help you remember the magic of your ancient connection to this vortex.” If you have the hearts desire and the resources to join us, please connect. The 12:12:12 activation across the planet is a crucial one. That video that caused so much uproar in the Arab World was all set up to create more fear and separation.  Egypt is peaceful and calling to us in peace. Can you hear her.  Are you being called to be a pilgrim and create yet another amazing poem with us?

 Enjoy the magic of the dolphins again.  I am leaving this on up for a while.


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