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Using Concious Emotions

Nancy Joy - Monday, July 23, 2012

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July 23, 2012

Nancy Joy's Video  

Remember it’s not the emotion that determines how you use that feeling, it is your consciousness.  NJ

As most of my subscribers know, emotions have been the matrix in which I chose to sift through my experiences and learn in this lifetime.  I have over two hundred videos, articles on my web site and my book The Wounded Heart all using emotional consciousness as a backdrop into which I enter my thoughts to gain understanding (most of the time this works for me).  I cringe when I hear folks invalidate these feelings as constructs of the ego as they have all become my friends and my teachers.  Still, to this day, new ones surface for understanding.  Granted it’s really giving names to a range of feelings from the most difficult to the most joyful but if I had to distill years of seeking to work with and understand those beguiling energies that lift, push and pull us along our pathways in life, it would be the words I’ve quoted above.

The emotions are simply your response to a stimulus that you created to show you or teach you something and redirect you on your path.  We spoke recently of emotions of rejection and anticipation and how to use them to create.  We all came to this planet with an individual destiny we wished to complete so it makes sense that we provided the methods of corrections and redirection when we wander too far a field.  The word destiny means to determine.  So, we were given or we created the range of emotional energy translated into feelings which we can apply to help us determine and energize our destiny.  And, if all of our collective ultimate destinies are to know love, then without our feelings and emotions how would we ever be able to have the experience love offers us: The end of duality and judgment as we see every human being as an expression of our ourselves.

So, as we close in on the end of 2012, make an agreement with yourself to use your emotions as the tools they were meant to be.  You cannot stop generating them but each and every one of us can choose to use them consciously and constructively to change ourselves and our planet.  There is not one without tremendous value.  If you’re looking for a way to move through these times, this is a great place to start. Learn more in today’s video.

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