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Using Differences to Create

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 12, 2012

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Reflections     Using Our Differences Constructively

November 12, 2012  

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But we can learn to risk letting go of our own rigid views, boundaries and even ideals; to risk opening our hearts more, to listen and be more comfortable with difference.   By ruling our responses, staying centered, we create shifts for everyone.    Bonnie Ogren, Astrologer

 Now that the polarity and divisiveness of the US presidential election is over, we can all breath an energetic sigh of relieve because the collective consciousness has been cleared of the continual assault of the fundamentalist rigidity on both sides of the bench battling out their death to the finish election in the most negative and harmful way possible for the country and the planet as well.  WHEW!  I can feel the relief.

 Jon Rappaport suggested in a most recent column that people were really voting for an ideal rather than the actual candidate and what each one truly has accomplished and represented. He said Romney represented Freedom in the hearts of many while Obama represented Compassion in others. I would have to agree. Then I would say; I am for Freedom and Compassion and for creating a world of integration rather than one of separation.  Did you know it is a fact that there are only six degrees of separation between you and any other human being on earth at any given time?  That means that you know someone who knows someone etc six times removed and within that framework there is no one not connected energetically to you. Kind of puts things in perspective. You are connected to that banker who was involved in the mortgage fraud scheme and made millions.  You are also connected to the guy couple wanting to create a family. You are connected to the senator who continually voted to approve legislation taking away your constitutional rights. Fortunately, we are all also connected to the awakened ones all over the world reaching out to make this a better planet. This is being shown to us as we watch human beings from both political camps organizing and coming together to bring aid and relief to those struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. (By the way, the Red Cross and FEMA have been dismal failures so far but in a way, this has created  an integration of people working together to help to make a difference and organizing to bring aid without government assistance…this I call creation and New Reality).)

Yet when I take this a step further, this quote by my friend Bonnie comes into play.  Are we willing to risk our own the way it is views to open our hearts and allow ourselves to create a new reality where we understand that it is only at the point where two opposing views meet in a willingness to grow and create that we will truly understand Unity Consciousness.  Take a look at your life this week and find a place where you have not been willing to open your heart and place your views in the background to find a new pathway to integration.  Until this becomes a pattern, nothing will change.  And, I do see this change happening ever where around me so that is where I am focusing as we put the political mayhem behind us and use the craziness of it we all disliked to create a new way.

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