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Using Fear to Shift

Nancy Joy - Monday, January 16, 2012

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January 16, 2012

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Operating out of fear is the common denominator of failure.  ANY decision made out of fear takes you further from your success.  Kevin Trudeau

Now that we have moved out of and are cruising away from 2011, it becomes clear to us that it was all about creating critical tension.   Each of us in our lives and on our planet collectively triggered, pushed, pulled and sometimes stumbled through our creations until we often felt like a rubber band stretched to the point of breaking.  That pressure has been created intentionally to push us into awakening into elevated consciousness and expanded heart frequencies to align with our universal birth node in the cosmos.  We are giving birth right now. As any mother will tell you, going into fear rather than ecstasy at birth will only prolong the process and create greater pain.  You will still have this baby one way or another.  And, you will still be responsible for raising it. You don’t just create.  You must take care of your creations so they grow healthy, happy and enlightened.

The fear will continue to come as we head more deeply into these expanded waves of creation and the change intensifies, but now we are aligned with the energy of empowerment and action.  This has given birth to such actions as The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, an empowered Tea Party, 9.2 earthquake, Japan's tsunami, massive drought and earth changing floods just to name a few.  No matter how you feel about any of it, it is clear that fear can no longer rule our decisions and we must find the courage we need to allow the tension that has been built during 2011 to find integrated expression and foster individual freedom and Unity Consciousness.  The shakti (female) energy is rising up the metaphorical spine to meet her mate Shiva (the male) to birth integration at long last.

On a more down to earth note that you can all appreciate, use the emotion of fear consciously and constructively right now.  It will come as it is one of our major guidance systems.  Don’t try to cover it over with a happy face sticker (its still gonna be there!) and don’t allow it to mold your choices and define your creations.  When you feel the fear…thank it!  It is there to tell you its time to empower yourself and find the courage to make your decisions based on your knowing that everything is going to turn out to your advantage.  In the end, it always does.  If you use the presence of fear to alert your consciousness that it is time to make a shift to a higher frequency choice, things will begin to expand and flow for you.  Learn more in today video.  I promise you this works.  The results will be amazing.

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