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Winter Solstice 2013 ∕ Catching Fire

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 16, 2013

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 Reflections  December 16, 2013   Winter Solstice 2013/Catching Fire

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The more you believe in appearances, in the story told by your physical senses and in the circumstances that you now find yourself in, the less control you have over them. What's real, is your power to change them. From The Universe

Winter Solstice 2013 is on the way and it’s hard to believe its been a year already since the infamous December 21,2012 Winter Solstice.  I realize from this vantage point that what may have appeared to have been nothing (I never believed it was nothing) now appears to have been the moment when the earth was flooded with a very high frequency of creation emanating from the center of the galaxy.  It was like Creator lit a very long fuse at that moment that has been inching it way brightly toward some cosmic event that will explode across human consciousness. No one will miss it although some may ignore it or fear it.  I am talking again about an inner event, one that will illuminate our hearts with such intensity that everything will realign to its brilliance.  Finally even the outer “appearances” will reflect this light.

My friend and Astrology Bonnie Ogren said in a recent update, “It takes courage to own all the tests and trials we have created.   But it is the tests and trials that create the "cracks where the light enters" and gem stones are created.”  That’s what 2013 has been about for our planet, creating the gem stones (ourselves as we were always meant to be.)  As we became more conscious after 2012 , the more webs, dark patterns and here-to-fore unearthed situations we allowed to be revealed.  We may have expected the golden age in the blink of an eye and yet what we got is much more precious.  We got the light of consciousness to awaken within our hearts as we owned the outer appearances are not what’s real.  What was and is always real, is our personal and collective power to use this new frequency and consciousness to amplify the light so we may embrace the shadow, dissipating its resistance and dance with it into the rainbow light.

 Because 2013 did not show us our “golden age” instantly, we began the arduous and conscious work of removing enough shadow patterns to allow its magnificent light into the most remote cracks and explode those belief systems and patterns that have limited and controlled us. And, we had lots of opportunity.  After this year, it is and will become so much more obvious that the appearances programmed for us to embrace have so many falsehoods, erroneous assumptions and greed wrapped up in them that so many of us can now see more clearly their illusion. We have been stepping up to the plate to use our consciousness to create new and beautiful patterns that are just beginning to  outshine those tarnished ones from the past so brightly that they are one by one exploding them into rainbow light. 

My guess it that 2014 will be more like an amazing techno color fireworks display which starts out with one beautiful burst exploding something that has bound us and gradually builds to an amazing and thrilling grand finale of rainbow explosions so loud and bright that there is nothing to do but become it and set ourselves free.  After the smoke clears we will all be packing up our coolers and chairs of the 2013 growth experience and going “home.” We are now stepping into a our new medium (expanded unity consciousness) in which to expand and create our hearts dreams. Then, the real work begins…manifesting and creating it with every thought and action consciously.  Catch the magic and celebrate Solstice 2013 as you prepare your inner garden to handle the rebuild.

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