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You Are the Person You Have Been Waiting For

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 15, 2010


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EGYPT   March, 2011

             “Activating the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness



November 15, 2010 

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No one else you know can totally understand your reality, so don't be discouraged or disappointed that they can't provide the support or encouragement you may be looking for.  Ezekiel/NJ


This follows right along with last week’s message and yet goes a step deeper.  You are your real support and it is the faith you have in your own journey that makes you remarkable.  When we are most disappointed that our partners or closest friends don’t understand us is when we can are in creating neediness in our hearts.  If the don’t support and understand me, who will? You know, of course, that you are the person you have waited for.

Coming for 2011 and 2012: A series of sacred journeys and retreats to Activate and Anchor the Mayan Calendar’s  the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness  in our hearts and in on our planet!

RIDING THE 9TH WAVE   Dive In! Participate! Activate! Create! Pass It On!     Click here:   Riding the Wave!


EGYPT          Riding the 9th Wave        March 8-16, 2011

             “Activating the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness



  PERU      Riding the 9th Wave    June 17-30, 2011

           Anchoring and Activating the 9th Wave in the                                                 Andes



GLASTONBURY       Riding the 9th Wave    September 19-26, 2011 

                          Filling our Chalice: Activating the Holy                                                                Grail

                                With the magic of Merlin 

Anchoring and Activating in the 9th Wave in England

              http://heartlights.net/england.html   with Merlin Channel,                                                                                  Terri Weibold


YUCATAN   Riding the9th Wave   October 24-November 3, 2011                                                            

             Anchoring and Activating in the 9th Wave in                    the land of the Maya

                      http://heartlights.net/yucatan.html  with  Mayan Mystic                                                                                        Javier Despuic                                                                                 

 NEW ZEALAND   Riding the 9th Wave     Spring Equinox 2012

            Anchoring and Activating  the 9th Wave in the New Heart Chakra



EGYPT        DECEMBER 21, 2012      Riding the 9th Wave

             Gateway to the New Reality   12/16-23, 2012                                                          Private Nile Cruise                                                                                   


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