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Nancy Joy - Monday, October 17, 2011

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October 17, 2011

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To know something and not to apply the knowledge is not to know it at all.  Kevin Trudeau

This has been a time of deep introspection for me. Perhaps for the past four months or more I have been pushed into myself in a silent and expanding rhythm that although somewhat new for social me, has allowed more of the wisdom I have a massed to be applied and I truly understand the huge difference.

We seekers are absolutely filled with information and as we sift through and know it, it becomes truth for this moment in time and yet, what I have discovered in myself and then observed in others is that "what we know when not applied is meaningless or very weakly effective."  We still often revert to our old patterns and ways which oddly enough no longer work for us.

. "The prisoner is truly the freest person," for I feel by containing and cutting off options of the outside world right now, my mind was energized and clarity was ignited. I see how much of my knowledge I am not applying.  It was shocking at first, but now, as I begin to emerge, I am able to consciously practice the wisdom and my potential is expanding beyond expectation.  I have already noticed a new substance to my intentions and a feeling of manifestation emerging. 

Pay attention.  Yes, you all know like attracts like!  So why are you still acting out patterns of victim hood, judgment, depression. this is the way it is for me, and the like?  What are you thinking and feeling right now?

During the summer I was blessed with an open door, a body of application and wisdom that has rocked my world. A lot of the knowledge I felt I already “knew” and yet as I listened I realized that I was being shown the missing pieces…the how do I do this part.  I am so happy that I was teachable. I am happy to share these teaching (free).  It is a set of lessons…14 in all… that I truly believes activates the DNA and helps us to move consciously changing our ingrained patterns, creating out of universal truth rather than old, out worn ways.  Contact my if you are interested in receiving these downloads.  nancyjoy@heartlights.net

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