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Activating the Living Heart Egypt 2009

I have traveled to Egypt many times since l994 when I first was drawn to our ancient homeland for the 12:12 initiation in the Great Pyramid. Spiritual travelers from all over the world attended, over 2,000 in all.  In our group alone there were 283 people!  Well, of course the trip was life-changing and very powerful. I felt someday I would return with a smaller, more intimate group to explore Egypt's mysteries even further. That day came in the fall of l997 when I returned as facilitator of my own small yet mighty group of 14 travelers.  That journey was more deeply personal and profound. Afterwards, I felt perhaps I had completed my transformational work in Egypt and had started taking more groups to the Yucatan and on dolphin free-swims.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. As the successive years moved along, opportunity after opportunity kept creating more journey's to Egypt.  Most of the time, the groups came to me or one person opened the door and more followed. Each time I thought, well now I am complete and then again another door would open. This last door for the journey Pachamama Meets Isis was opened by my friends Mallku and Alanna who have guided my groups in Peru since 2001.  Mallku wanted to put together this tour to Egypt with the specific intention of integrating the organic feminine energy of the Peruvian Goddess Pachamama with the mystical, magic more male energy of the Goddess Isis.  He asked me to create that opportunity, which I gladly did with the inner thought, "Well, here I go again."

As it turned out, for a series of reasons some clear and others more buried, Mallku and Alanna were guided to withdraw from the journey after it had begun to form. This left seven of us agreeing to continue on without them.  As our Egyptologist and Guide Amro and his associate GiGi (both very attuned to the Spiritual energies of Egypt), joined us, our group heart grew to 9, the number of completion.  Most of the seven of us had been to Peru previously, so the connection was already in our hearts as we set out to unfold our soul contracts and purpose that lead us to continue on alone, with only ourselves as the Masters.

From the beginning then, this journey seemed to defy the plans in motion in the itinerary as well as the compliment. It is traditional that most spiritual groups travel from Upper Egypt beginning at the Temple of Isis down the Nile stopping at each temple on the way to open the various chakra points that it is believed these temples embody. (An expanded sense is that each temple embodies all the chakra points). Typically, each group ends up in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Lower Egypt to activate the crown chakra. I realized early on that the old seven chakra template was long ago complete. Energetically and consciously, we have moved way beyond that activation. It would be like continuing to take PhD students on a high school trip.

 As happenstance would have it, our itinerary worked better by beginning at the midpoint of the Nile journey on the East Bank in Luxor. Our first ceremony was in Karnak's Great Hypostyle Hall. Here, the early Egyptians believed that creation was birthed out of the primordial waters and represented they this by creating many pillars rising out of the waters into creation.  It was among these pillars that our heart ceremony formed organically from our desire and our growing love for one another.  We circled, touching hands to each other's hearts and allowing our eyes to open the windows to our souls.  The vibration of the heart we crated was expansive and new and I soon came to understand why. As the first cells of the male and female come together in the magical and sexual act of creation, four cells integrate and then create eight cells and are at that point called the human zygote. From this beginning these cells split creating over 500 cells which form a donut shape becoming the essence of the first human organ...the heart, around which the entire human body forms. So, at one point in our development, our entire body was a heart. Right here in Karnack then, the temple of the heart chakra we activated the new living heart! This then became the foundation of the new being we were consciously awakening on this journey. Actually, new is not the right word for we are "re-membering" ourselves as Creator Gods! This is a great time to be alive despite the outward appearances.

We then moved to the Temple of Sekmet, the lion goddess, known for her power and extreme devotion to her children where we activated the power in our new living heart to create a new consciousness in ourselves and on our planet. Later that evening we walked in silence through the Temple of Luxor which represents the entire human body.  As we consciously walked its length, we were activating the new being around the living heart just as we were created originally in our mother's womb.   I felt our new and powerful heart was creating a higher vibrational body from the ashes of our old ways from which we would resurrect a more conscious and attuned being.

The magic that was happening among the group is perhaps the real beauty of our journey.  There seemed to be a very loving, supportive and very Shakti (feminine) energy weaving through our hearts. There was so much beautiful nurturing going on and there were huge shifts and break-throughs in understanding happening too.  I have to say that every Heartlights group forms a group heart but some of the hearts are much healthier than others. Perhaps, because this group came together to activate the higher frequency of the living heart, our connection was almost magical on every level. Although there were some of the usual triggers and feelings, this group moved through them all so compassionately...truly a new heart.

The next day we visited the Valley of the Kings and saw several of the amazing tombs with incredibly colorful and beautiful artwork on all sides of the walkways as we descended into the burial chambers. As often happens here, several members of the group had startling real memories of these tombs; one as an artist creating the beautiful glyphs and another more disconcerting experience as a slave about to be buried with the pharaoh. That afternoon, after our experiences in the tombs, my travel coordinator led a ceremony at the Temple of  Medinet Habu where each person choose and another in the group to represent the winged Goddess Isis holding them in her wings as they chanted or sang their new truth and then flew free to be born anew.

A few days later we took the long bus journey to Abydos, dedicated to the God Osiris. Abydos is known as the temple of resurrection because through her love, Isis raised her beloved husband Osiris from the dead Here we created a beautiful ceremony were the group surrounded each person and helped them rise out of the ashes giving birth to their new selves.  It was very sweet and moving to say the least.  Then it was onto Dendera, dedicated the Hathor, the goddess of love and nurturing. Here were formed a cocoon of love for each newly resurrected being, enfolding them one-by-one in the center of our circle as we toned and loved them into our living heart.

The other thing to mention here is that everyone helped create the ceremonies and all of us felt such a part of the whole.  It seemed as if we created organically each new piece from our hearts never really knowing what was to be created next. For example, during the journey, one woman created a beautiful foot washing ceremony one night as the group met in the hotel. To me looking back now, this represented the cleansing and humility of the living heart.

From Luxor we boarded our boat for our cruise up the Nile to Aswan.  As we are floated on the energetic and mystical Nile River, we watched our ancient homeland pass our field of vision.   We enjoyed sunshine and intimate sharing on many levels, stopping periodically at more temples on our way to Aswan.  Most groups are floating down the Nile yet were floating up.  Again, this was a decided change with a very different feel to it.

The next morning, as the boat docked, we headed off to Edfu the Temple of Horus, the divine child of Isis and Osiris (akin to the Christian's Christ). This temple is known for the power of its sexuality for it is where the divine marriage of Horus and Hathor was celebrated. Here, one of our travelers led a special ceremony through the breath, awakening the tantric field in our new beings.  Interestingly, two Japanese people from our boat, a man and a woman, asked to join our group for that ceremony and of course our hearts were open. They were much moved as were we.

Later that day we stopped at Kom Ombo, dedicated to the gods Horus and Sobek (the alligator God).   Kom Ombo is known as the temple of the dark and the light. This is where our group decided to separate and each individual went to a chosen place of meditation to integrate the dark and light within their own bodies. Our new beings were being activated and supported in every way. 

After our four days on the boat we spent to magical time in Aswan relaxing at a beautiful hotel on an island in the middle of the Nile River. While resting, we enjoyed taking a few Felucca (typical Egyptian sailboat) rides to enjoy the scenery and the energy of the river more close-up and personal.  We visited the beautiful Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Goddess Isis, the divine lover and mother. Here our Egyptian guide, GiGi, led us in a beautiful ceremony activating a higher frequency of love and joy.  As we each placed one hand on the alter and the other on the person next to us, the energy of love was so powerful it overwhelmed us all.  In this amazing way, we activated divine love in our new beings.

Soon we headed back to Cairo on the overnight train to ready ourselves for our private time in the Great Pyramid of Giza known as Cheops. The next day we arrived at our final temple, Saqqara, which is thought to embody the throat chakra. The day was extremely windy and sand devils (little whirlwinds) were taunting us as we found a sheltered and secluded place to honor each other as we expressed our new beings through sounds and declaration. This was very powerful as so many of us hold back our voices to fit in or to feel loved and in the end, this never serves us. In the new heart frequency we created, the sounds must clear out the residue of our old frequencies. Later we spent an idyllic time with a wonderful Egyptian family on their farm, The Blue Lotus, enjoying their hospitality and each other's company as we prepared for our sunrise Great Pyramid experience the next day.

Two amazing connections unfolded on our return to Lower Egypt those last several days.  One was that I had been in contact with a lady from Greece who had wanted to join her group with ours in Luxor. I was open but her group fell through.  She was then guided to meet us in Cairo anyway and became part of our group heart for those last several days.  I believe she represented the new open heart that embraces these connections.  Ezekiel has always said there is nothing more powerful than an open vulnerable heart with healthy personal boundaries. This woman felt as if she had been a part of our heart all along and she instantly melded into the synchronicity of this loving and supportive living heart.

On another note, I had also been contacted by an Associated Press reporter living in Cairo just a few weeks before our departure.  She was doing a story on why people were drawn to Egypt as part of their Spiritual journey. She had me answer a bunch of questions by Email and then asked if she could meet everyone when we arrived in Cairo and again after our Great Pyramid ceremony at the conclusion of the tour.  This reporter shared that other Spiritual tours she had contacted were not open to that scrutiny, perhaps fearing the interpretation that might follow in the story as well as the intrusion on a very sacred and private journey.  I was very willing to open the door to this group and allow them to choose. After all, I feel absolutely everything is sacred and we are all one. She was amazed at my openness and she bonded right away with everyone in the group.  Obviously, she herself was on her conscious journey and in a powerful way, part of the living heart activation.  I am awaiting her story with a combination of curiosity and excitement with very few expectations if any.  She was the part of the living heart seeking to understand her self and sharing the shift with all those with ears to hear.  We all felt honored by her participation.

As we headed to the Great Pyramid at 4:30 am on our last day in our ancient homeland, we circled in the pre-dawn darkness below the Pyramid entrance feeling the power and consciousness of this famous and last remaining Seventh Wonder of world. We connected our hearts with that of the Pyramid and we asked permission to enter.  We then headed up the steps into the Grand Gallery with our living hearts and activated bodies, in every way ready for this final piece.

As many times as I have entered Cheops (named for the Pharaoh Cheops), I am always so moved that I go immediately into an altered state.  Cheops has a consciousness of it own and you can feel it. I seem to be able to connect with that while simultaneously staying conscious of the group and each individual responding to the Pyramid. Our group once again created its own group response to the energy we encountered. We ended as we always do, in the King's Chamber giving everyone a chance to lie in the sarcophagus and move into their own shift. I observed how varied and different each one...s experience was. When each person was complete, we circled again deciding to blow out our candle, our only source of light in the chamber, symbolically to become the light ourselves...the light of the new living heart.  The blackness embraced us all and felt so loving. During those minutes we stood in silence feeling the living heart.  Interestingly, the pyramid itself responded to us, turning on its lights then turning them off again until the remainder of our time had expired. As we left in awe, Amro told me that NO ONE HAD TOUCHED THE LIGHTS while we were in our ceremony in the King's Chamber.  We all felt the message loud and clear. We were being honored by the Cheops itself.

The rest of our group time was spent leisurely sharing our joy.  We did a closing group that evening in our hotel and shared our new living hearts with one another. I can say there was such a high vibrational field of love and sensuality buzzing us that it was, for me personally, one of the best highs ever.

 In conclusion, I must share that from my point of view, this was the journey of the activation and the re-membering of the living heart! How powerful is that!  It happened with no plan at all but just an open heart and a willingness. Of course, this is shared through my heart and eyes and everyone present has their own individual feelings and perceptions of our experience. The exciting part for me is that EVERY ONE of us supported, valued and loved each other through the entire journey.  This may sound simple, but believe me it is not. It showed me that the new living heart is one that knows no judgments. It vibrates beyond any personal limiting beliefs and patterns and it sees everything as one living heart!  The heart knows no duality.  It is perhaps nothing more than love, compassion and creativity in action. This is a heart I want to learn to become and I am becoming. One my teachers, Drunvelo says, "This is really not a learning process but a remembering process.  Soon we will not remember the old dualistic way but only the living heart of the God Creators that we truly are!"

Years ago I channeled a beautiful article as the consciousness of the human heart itself spoke to me.  After this trip, I know realize I was remembering and responding to the organic and original living heart of God that beats within us all. Click here to enjoy this article. When the Heart Speaks...Listen

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