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Anger Has a Value Too!

Some years back, anger was a fearful emotion to me. As I went through my divorce ending my 23- year marriage, my counselor at the time told me she learned a lot about Spirituality from me. She also said she felt a part of me was missing. She asked me what I had done with all my anger! I told her I felt no anger. After all, I understood the lesson, why be angry. WRONG!!! Her comment bothered me for days. I sought to understand its purpose. Finally I asked Ezekiel to speak to me of the purpose of anger. I then spent a good year understanding my own and how deeply I had it locked away behind my smiley face. Here is what he said. I have found it most helpful during the last five years of emotional healing work.

Anger, dear one, rages at the injustices of unconscious man. It sends energy to create Movement. Just as the earth erupts in anger and rage at her displeasure, so must you erupt also, at the unconscious patterns exerted upon you by any belief in separation. The emotions of anger and rage come from suppressed feelings exploding to create balance and come again into adjustment. There is no need to be angry at the soul trapped in an unconscious pattern, but at those personalities which have so entrapped the children of God. You own inner child is trapped by your unconscious beliefs. Expression of anger and rage when done lovingly and with the best of intentions brings forth needed improved changes to the landscape after a hurricane or tornado, the earth appears ruined. Yet, she is merely creating chaos to bring about change and expansion of her being. A few years later she is more lush and beautiful than before her raging expression changed the landscape. She intends no harm, yet if humans experience her wrath, it is their own lesson they are experiencing.

Undertake to free those feeling within your being and move into joyful expression and integration of them. It will be a freeing experience as it is guided through you transmuting your fears into understanding. Dear ones, see the beauty of allowing the feelings to be experienced without the need to have them control you. The control actually comes through the manipulation of repressed emotions that express themselves as an attack or projection onto another rather than claiming changes within the self.

Many are nearing the point of rage on your planet and, as this happens, humanity will crack the veneer that has fragilely held them hostage through many lifetimes. Know that we are with you and cradle and hold you through this integration of those dark and angry feelings. Claim your anger and experience its movement in your life. You need not direct the energy at anyone Just honor their value and breath those angry feelings into your heart where they can move into compassion and understanding. Release harmlessly and clear the emotional field to integrate the distortions you have been wearing. We bless, love and guide you on your journey into understanding.

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