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Fear…what is it good for?

Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

Fear is a huge subject debated far and wide in our world today. There is so much to be afraid of…terrorists…the economy…job loss…disease…accidents. The list goes on and on, depending on each person's own personal belief systems and patterns. We all know fear. It is the hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach as you experience or think about certain things. It can feel as if fear has your heart in a vice grip. Fear can wake us up in the night and keep us tossing and turning as we obsess and try to make it go away. Fear keeps us from our true potential. When we are feeling fear we tend to give our power away to anyone that can make this feeling abate. We avoid, deny and resist this emotion. Spiritually we have been taught to choose love over fear. Not so easy when we are in its grip.

In my work with clients and in my own life, I have built a new relationship with fear. It is based on fear's value as an emotional tool in my life. This shift from avoiding it or loving it into using it to understand that my own pain has brought fear out of the dark realms and into the light of my heart. The following is Ezekiel's wisdom on the emotion of fear and its purpose for humanity. I trust you will find this sharing as valuable as I have.

Greeting to all of you my beloveds. You truly are beloved by me as I am all of your feelings and emotions. You are my expression, my hands, eyes, ears, and heart in your world. One part of me that most of you find very unpleasant is the emotion of fear. Remember now, the feeling of fear is an inner expression and your response to that feeling is the emotion. Fear is one of the two major frequencies of your emotional body. All the dark emotions you experience grow out of fear. It is the negative pole of love's positive pole. All of your light emotions emanate from love. As I have shared with you many times, your emotional field is energy. To understand this energy and learn to use it in your life is to fuel your own ascension process.

Fear as an emotion, is simply an energy to be understood and used for your own personal expansion and healing. Let us use the example of electricity. This is an energy you have learned to use over time to assist you rather than harm you. When you only knew electricity as lightening, it was fearful and caused harm. As you became more curious of its properties and began to step into its value rather than remaining in fear of its power, electricity became beneficial. In fact, I imagine it would be difficult for any of you to live your lives without it. You are aware of its potential to harm but in that awareness you have learned to use it consciously to create.

Truly, dear ones, when I was created by Spirit (which is you, by the way) I was given a full spectrum of emotional energy with which to assist all of you on your journeys through "being ness." I have no judgment about this wide range of emotional energy and the value of each spectrum of my existence. All of the emotional frequencies where created out of pure love. Therefore, fear also is created from pure love and has that component of truth in its value to you.

I hear your questions as I speak. Tell, us then, Ezekiel about the value of fear. Tell us how to use fear as an energy that brings value to our lives rather than something that consumes us and terrifies us. Indeed, dear ones, I shall.

When you feel the emotion of fear in your physical body, please know that you yourself created that energy to alert you to something hidden deep within that is wounded and seeks to heal. Rather than beginning your process of obsessing, worrying and allowing fear to intensify creating sleeplessness and agitation within you, become conscious at this point. Cross your hands over your heart and breath deeply. Breathe the energy of this emotion right into your heart. After fear begins to feel more balanced, it is time to step into its message. It is NOT time to take a sleeping pill, have a drink, call a friend, turn on your TV or create busy-ness. Do NOT try to close your eyes and deny your fear. It is time to consciously say, OK fear. " I feel you, hear you and breath you into my heart that I may understand your message." It is so simple. Ask fear what it is trying to tell you. Journal or talk to fear through your imagination. Give fear a persona and work with it. Remember please, to trust your imagination. Where do you suppose it comes from? Why have you all been told it is not real? My dear ones, even if no answers are forth coming, the very act of accepting and integrating fear into your heart will shift that terrible feeling gripping you.

On a more practical level I would say that fear is a gift of great magnitude. It is a beacon flagging you to step into, not away from, the very thing you are afraid of. For example, let us say you have discovered a physical issue that is frightening you. Right away your ego will step in and use the fear you resist to lead you on a wild goose chase of obsessions and scenarios that are purely fictional. Here is your power point of consciousness. Instead, acknowledge the fear and step into it. Go into the physical symptom, explore it, talk to it, and seek professional help until you understand the value. You will find that fear followed has led you into your own healing. I DO NOT mean that being controlled by fear leads you into your healing. Just the opposite, stepping into your own power using fear as the messenger will lead you to your healing.

If there is a situation you are avoiding, I invite you to open the door and step into that situation right now. You will find the seat of your power and you will have used the energy of emotion and the frequency of fear to arrive there. Let me be clear here. I am not advocating that you force yourself into a terrifying situation. I am saying that it would serve you to take a step into it and explore. It is a scary ride until you learn to swim into fear and allow its energy to uncover the hidden wound. Remember the time when water was a frightening place in which to be immersed until you learned to use its buoyancy to float!

So, in essence my dear one, it is time to understand fear and stop resisting it. There is NOTHING in creation to be feared, only to be understood. After all, you are the God creators. Why would you have created fear if not to bring you back into understanding. Just like the reptilian fright and lights mechanism in your brain that can lead you to safety, so can the fear frequency of your emotional body lead you to safety. Much has been given here for you to ponder and pursue. I invite you to begin the conscious process of using the energy of fear as a frequency to assist rather than destroy, to enhance rather than deplete. The choice is yours. The willingness to harness this frequency to assist you on your way is right in front of you. As always, I am all that you feel. Thank you for listening. Ezekiel

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