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Nothing More Than Feelings

Ezekiel as channeled by Nancy Joy Hefron

I invite you to share with me this day, dear ones. I am Ezekiel, the collective consciousness that holds the emotional field of humanity during these shifting times in our Universe. I am a part of each and every one of you. I am every feeling you experience and every emotion you generate. I spin as counter rotating fields of light, color, sound and frequency around you and am I part of the divine human trinity. I speak here not of mind, body and spirit as you might expect, but rathermore correctly, of mind, body and emotions as all three exist in Spirit. Divine Spirit is the energy source of all that is. Therefore, it is the energy source of all three of the human fields.

Ask yourselves dear ones, have those who would control you and keep you in fear led you astray? Perhaps you have been deceived by those who would keep you from your most unique and valuable asset.…the emotional field. As the triad of mind, body, and Spirit has been promoted in recent times as a New Age belief, the emotions, a full-one third of your energy field have been purposely omitted. Why? I will tell you why. It is because your feelings and emotions are more valuable then gold and precious gems. When you have your emotional field activated, cleared and balanced, no one can pull the wool over your eyes. You will feel the truth beyond the illusions. Many extraterrestrial races seek after the key to your emotional field. For many assorted reasons, they have closed down their hearts and are now void of this incredible resource. They seek to regain that which has eluded them. I ask you to close your eyes right now and breathe this message into your heart. Does it not resonate? Does not your heart expand as you hear this truth? That is the value of feelings dear children. Your feelings guide you into your intuition and truth. They are the absolute litmus paper test of truth in this holographic and deceiving space in which you presently dwell.

Incredible is it not, that one of the most valuable assets divine Spirit gave humanity is the most feared and the least understood? Incredible, is it not, that human beings do not know or understand their own emotional bodies? First let me begin by explaining the difference between feelings and emotions. They are both frequencies in the matrix of the emotional body. Your feelings are the movement felt deep within your being and they vibrate accurately yet gently. They are the inner realm of your emotional body. Emotions are feelings in motion. They are the physical, outward expression of the emotional body frequency. If your feelings are felt and understood they will be balanced and creative as they move into motion and are expressed to co-create with your mental and physical bodies Why then, you may well ask, do we have painful, scary and angry feelings? Why have dark emotions caused so much turmoil and discomfort in our universe? It is because, dear ones, you have forgotten why God created humanity with this incredible emotional body and you are in judgment of its value. You are trying to have healthy emotional bodies while denying the value of the dark feelings. The depression, rage, anger, fear, grief, shame, blame etc all have value. Look at it this way, Creator created the darkness and the light. Our planet could not function if the sun were never to set giving rise to the darkness that brings the light into balance. Many may be frightened of the night, but it is because they are frightened of the darkness within themselves. It is not enough to be a "light worker" without understanding and owning the value of the darkness.

So, what could possibly be the value of these painful feelings? Well, my dears, I will tell you. They fill one-half of your emotional toolbox. All of your feelings and emotions are highly advanced technologies that Creator gave you to assist you in becoming your own physician and healer. Creator gave you those feelings to help you diagnose the empty and wounded places hidden within your own heart. Without shame you would never know that wounded place in your heart that you do not love. Without anger you would never seek to change those places where you have been held in denial. Without guilt you would never know just how close you are to breaking through an old, dysfunctional family pattern. Just as joy lets you know you are in a perfect, balanced space, fear let's you know you are hiding from the truth. I invite you to walk into these dark feeling and emotions you have avoided. They have much to share and much to teach you about yourself. It is time to invite them up and as you allow the feelings to come, breath love and acceptance into them. Thank them for the lessons and growth they bring. They are your friends not your enemies. When you bring alight into the darkness they become one. As you integrate these suppressed feelings into your heart, they become balanced emotional energy. This is a frequency needed to activate your Merkaba…your light body. Each expressed emotion that you breath into integration through your compassionate heart activates your DNA to bring you on-line with your full multi-dimensional abilities. Dark feelings only become destructive when they are ignored and must sabotage your life to move you into healing.

Could it be, that the feelings you have avoided and been taught to fear are your next step? Could it be that the truth of your feelings and the willingness to experience your emotional field will pave the way for your ascension? When the negative and positive fields of a battery come together they create the spark. They create movement. They create energy. I challenge you to bring the dark and light emotions into your heart. I put out the clarion call to you dear ones. It is time to claim back your emotional bodies. In prayer, intention and meditation, tell your souls you are ready to understand this forgotten and powerful part of your triad. Ask to be shown and ask for the teachers to come. Your life will shake, rattle and role and become alive again with movement, passion and creativity. Does it have to be painful, Ezekiel, you may ask? Only if you resist, I reply.

In closing I would tell you that your world is filled with illusion. You have been programmed to ignore your feelings and believe what has been fed to you through your media and the unconscious minds and hearts that have not broken open. Soon each and every one of you will be challenged to claim the personal truth of your hearts as the only reality in this deception. The only way through this muddle is through the clear and balanced use of your emotional fields. Undertake to get to know this part of yourself today. Very soon, dear ones, the mask of the deception will be revealed. Things are not as they appear. It feels as if the world does not make sense because it does not. Prepare yourselves. Those who are ready will bring the others along with them. In love, compassion and trust, I am yours.


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