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I Know

Ezekiel as channeled by Nancy Joy Hefron

Dear ones, it is I, Ezekiel, and I am honored to share this wisdom with you today. I would ask you to remember how many times while working through your own issues, you say the words "I Know." There is a pattern in place, especially in the light beings that have labored long in their studies and processing, to come to understanding in the mental bodies. At this point you click into an ahh haa and the words I Know quickly flow from your mouths. At this point you energetically create a file, so to speak, in the computer of your mind, after which you usually exit the program. While this knowledge becomes part of your collective database and is easily retrievable for you, you have just completely by-passed your emotional body.

Actually, you know nothing until the knowledge ignites your cellular memory through an emotional charge. It is that emotional charge that takes the knowing and integrates to become your new pattern. This is how you replace old programming and patterns. That is the difference between the mind as a computer and the living mind of the human heart. I hear many of you, including my dear channel, separating the mind and the heart in your language and your actions. Suppose I were to tell you that now is the time to create the human field frequency integrating the mind and the heart to serve as two chambers of the same power core. Your brain has two sides, which must communicate…integration. Your heart has two sides, which must communicate…integration. Your brain and your heart actually create your power core integration.

I invite each of you to pay attention and become conscious of how many times you run right by a feeling with the words I Know! You are only truly teachable when your mind and heart are open to receive together. You are truly reachable when you do not already KNOW! As you work through your healing processes and painful issues are sometimes created around you to lead you into the long forgotten depth of your true selves, leave some space open. Do not rush to the knowing. Stay inside in receptivity to the feeling. I encourage you not to bring the process to a conclusion until you have given time, feeling and energy to your feeling heart and your emotional body to come on line. After all, you do not activate your DNA through the mind alone, just as your soul cannot function in your physical vehicle with the mind alone. It counts on you're heart to pump the needed energy to the mind to activate your physical body. By the same token, if your heart were all alone without the mind, there would be no direction for the energy it has created. Your heart and mind are vital chambers of your power core!

Slow down as you are healing your emotional body and balancing it once again. Be aware of the ego's ability to convince you that you are complete to divert you from true knowing. This may sound to you trivial in some ways, but I assure all of you it is vital.

There you have it my dear ones. I know!!! Love and blessings to all of you.


As I was writing this article with Ezekiel, it came to me that you may want to read The Open Door article on my web site to see how this message support our unfolding consciousness of ascension.

In Lak'ech NJH

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