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"Plugged In"

This is a story about a six-year-old Rainbow (Indigo) child. Before the story begins, a timeline will be needed to put events into perspective. This child has witnessed energetically her mother working in and on the emotional grid with the assistance of Nancy Joy and so many other courageous men and women who are following their truth and knowing. 

       I began working with the emotional grid and this process in September 2001. The leap to truly opening up to this emotional work happened when I made the commitment to go to Egypt in March 2002. During this time I had spoken words of encouragement for my daughter, Cheyenne, to let out the feelings through screaming, kicking, and crying. She easily transitioned into the crying, always telling others that her mommy says to "cry it out". The hidden emotions wouldn't show themselves using the tools I had learned. Something was missing!

       The missing energy is now in place. I now see the bigger picture of my choice to join other wonderful men and women in the Yucatan for emotional healing and embracing my hidden selves. This choice was an ending to a year long process of being coded with emotional intelligence and ancient indigenous knowledge and a beginning of being plugged into the Balanced Emotional Grid.

This grid assists you in turning on your emotional body and allows you to begin understanding the value and purpose of both the light and hidden emotions. Once I was "plugged in" to this grid I became a channel for its use and integrity of application.

How does being "plugged in" affect you and others? 

      Here begins the story of the Rainbow child. As I mentioned earlier, I had encouraged Cheyenne to release the dark emotions using tools that I had learned on my journeys with Nancy Joy, but the energy to support this release was not part of my field. Two and a half weeks after returning from the Yucatan and integrating the frequencies, I witnessed the beauty of being "plugged in".

       Cheyenne was having an intense emotional day and for a six year old it manifest itself in sporadic darts of anger and confusion. She was triggered into what many would call a temper tantrum; I call it an emotional release. She spontaneously got her pillow and began to scream into it, and then she threw the pillow on the floor, kicking and screaming, and collapsing onto the floor in tears. We went through many cycles of this and she gifted those of us witnessing with the raw beauty of Emotions in Motion.

Cheyenne's father, myself, and one of her friends stayed present for the majority of the release. When her father, Michael, left the room she pulled him back into the energy of it by standing in front of him and screaming. I truly believe that the integrity of the grid supported Michael in witnessing the event instead of the usual reaction of shifting her out of the intense and painful feelings or walking out of the situation.

        I can see so clearly the similarity of Cheyenne's process and my own personal experience with moving emotion and shifting patterns.

After the waves of anger and grief came to a quiet place, I held her for only a few minutes and then she was ready to continue playing with her friend. There were very few tears following the shift but the surge of energy could be felt through my whole body, quit the opposite of my experiences. After the release I have continued sadness and tears in conjunction to emotional and physical exhaustion. Did I just witness what the process of living a life with my Emotions in Motion in real time instead of burying them in my body. 

       The sadness and physical fatigue comes from this withholding of the movement of emotion. Children don't have all the excuses as to why the time isn't appropriate to feel the feelings.

Before Cheyenne returned to playing with her friend, she said to me, "mommy, I wish you were here all the time so I could just let it out when I need to". I know that being "plugged in" to the Balanced Emotional Grid allowed my child to intelligently apply the tools that create change and empowerment. The integrity of the grid allowed both Cheyenne and I to hold the space for her father to bear witness to this incredible work and begin to feel more of himself in the process.

I waited as patiently as I know how to call Nancy the next morning and let her know about my experience and to relay the truth of this grids power. Cheyenne's words to Nancy sum up how awesome this work it, she said, "And tell her (Nancy) that I fell so good today". That says it all!

Thank you all for listening to my story
Sandy J

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