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Positive Use of Emotional Energy
Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

More and more as I continue learning the "mechanics" of feelings and emotions and the important role this energy plays in our lives, I am discovering just how little we actually do know about this tremendously powerful source we have been blessed with. That makes each new discovery as exciting to me as the scientist in the lab uncovering the potentials, both negative and positive, of a new element, virus or source of energy. In a recent article, Ezekiel talked about fear as energy and gave the example of our old fear of electrical energy in our skies. For thousands of years we feared what we did not understand until some were brave enough to discover its value. Now electrical energy lights up our world with both negative and positive poles! Energy is neither good nor bad, it simply is. It is up to us to discover its potentials and risks.

Once my husband, Mark and I saw a science fiction story where space travelers found an unusual archeological piece missing one section. In search of that missing part they discovered it held the codes to using emotional energy to activate powers of the mind and heart. I have never forgotten that story and now I more fully understand why. Step-by-step, I have been led on a journey planned to help me uncover the value, use and integration of emotional energy.

By the end of 1999, Mark and I had been guided to El Shaddai (our home, retreat center and heart vortex) where so much of the emotional experience has been clarified. A series of lessons followed, as they always do, involving family patterns, pain and hidden parts of self. This emotional work expanded in my groups, private clients and sacred journeys. I learned to take apart the feelings and move them into expression (emotion). I was then guided to use this energy rather than release it. This is important, because released emotional energy can be used in a variety of ways by a variety of entities, not always with pleasing results for ourselves and our planet. Emotions released without the conscious intent of mind and heart backing up the flow are often projected and destructive.

I have seen again and again those times where the energy of the emotion consciously used has activated every cell with physical responses of goose bumps, chills, intensified energy in the body and a general electrical excitement. Ezekiel has guided me in the use of this energy every step of the way. Initially it was just to learn to expose the feelings, bring them into emotion and breath the emotion through the heart into all the cells of the body asking for integration and expansion. Just like any energy released in a container, emotional energy seeks to find its point of balance. Next came learning to use this emotional energy consciously to direct it to parts of the body and emotional blocks to begin to break them up. This has been incredible work. I have watched pain leave the body as true emotional and physical healing begins. I have witnessed resistances crumble apart as the walls come tumbling down. The human heart is able to become the immense generator it was designed to be. Ezekiel calls our hearts huge integrative generators that we are just learning to use consciously.

He often guides people in emotional release to breathe their feeling through their hearts while crossing the palms of the hands over the high heart or thymus. You can also direct this energy to a specific part of the body in pain and the pain will release. It is as if we have learned to move the feeling into motion and then direct this energy into our cells, through our hearts where it is taken apart and restructured to serve as a power source for healing and creating. For three or four years now, those working with me have learned to open the feeling, bring it into motion and use the energy of the feeling in motion directed consciously (using the mind) through the heart and into the places it is needed. The final step is bringing the energy into integration and being truly grateful for the feeling that led you into the healing.

One thing to know, once the emotional field is opened relating to a particular wound, efforts to shut it down again are futile. You have opened Pandora's Box and now begins the arduous life task of using the energy created to change your life. I am continually learning how to use this emotional energy to create change and I expect I will be a student for a long time to come.

The first weekend in November 2002 was a full moon eclipse and a retreat here at El Shaddai. An unbelievable energy built for this particular workshop. There were twice as many folks gathered and a number of them traveled from various parts of the country to attend. I knew something profound was in the works. Everyone gathered here to move through huge resistance into a shift that opened a field in the emotional template on earth. The breakthroughs were powerful, easier than most and integrated quickly. Almost immediately following this workshop, I headed off to visit Carol Petropoulos (my Egypt guide and soul sister) in Tampa. The tempo and the energy of deep and quick breakthroughs activated at El Shaddai continued.

There was an unusually large group gathered for the Ezekiel Channeling Circle the first night. The workshop scheduled for the following day was postponed one day as that worked best for those who needed to attend. So, that freed up Saturday. As Carol, our psychic friend Deb Dienstbrier and I shared a quiet evening together, the next emotional template began to unfold.

Carol has always been one of my emotional teachers. Her most incredible emotional gift is her ability to stay focused and present in her emotional field. She perseveres and stays present with each feeling to reach the wound or issue more completely than anyone I have met or worked with. While I have helped her process and integrate these emotions often, she has helped me learn to stay present in the energy of the field and discover its use. We are a nice combination.

During the evening, Carol and Deb where telling a story about an experience they had while taking kitties recently to the vet. Issues had come up with the receptionist and Carol had been triggered. As we talked more deeply; it became apparent that there was still a fair amount of anger in her field regarding the situation. One thing led to another, and, Carol being Carol, she kept plowing forward to find the source of her pain. I guided her to looking at how one of her patterns is to pull discordant situations into her life. This is a pattern I have observed over the course of our friendship. She allowed us to travel to the place inside herself that is angry and discordant. She treats her self in this way. She was quiet for a time as these feelings sank in and we all shared a good cry. It was a segway into what was to follow and once again, Carol was doing the emotional unfolding as I was guiding and learning.

The next day we had a powerful workshop in Tampa and after the participants left we decided we each had some expression and emotional energy of our own to integrate. So, once again the three of us worked together. Interestingly, trinities are very powerful energy enhancers for any work. The absence of a third field is often why partners and mates get so stuck. In the laws of geometry, wherever there are two points there is energetically a third point.

Carol was feeling a large anger build up and when I asked what she wanted to get mad about; she said she wanted to get mad at herself. That felt so uncomfortable for me, which I shared but she was ready to blow so we just stepped back and supported her process. As she beat herself up energetically and poured fourth the energy of this angry feeling, I felt almost sick inside. I knew I was in resistance but I couldn't understand where all this was leading us.

When she stopped to breathe, I held her in my arms and I asked her if it felt good to beat herself up. Deb put on a song at that moment and in a short time she moved us back into her anger and said "No!" " I will not be told what I can be mad at. I will be mad at whatever I want." At that point, Ezekiel got through to me and I questioned how we were using the energy of anger. I asked Carol if it would feel good to use the energy of this anger to break up the pattern that keeps her trapped rather than herself. Suddenly, as if we were three oranges on a Las Vegas slot machine we clicked into sync and helped Carol as she directed this anger through her heart with the intention of her mind to shatter unhealthy patterns in her field. As she completed her expression, her body coded with goose pumps and chills. This reaction went on and on, and in fact, Carol has said it continued over the next several days.

This was a huge new experiment completed in this emotional laboratory with great assistants on staff to successfully complete the understanding of this expanded use of emotional energy. Direct this force at the pattern, which caused the wounds and use it like a laser gun to shatter the patterns hold on your energetic field. WOW! This felt huge. During my last few days in Tampa, we were tested several more times to come into understanding. This opening took Carol and I to a new level of our friendship in many ways.

Time and again since this Tampa experience, I have been tested in this new use of emotional energy and the ways that it can be applied. I now feel as if I am constantly in the lab, both in waking and sleeping, taking this new emotional laser technology and applying it in my work and my life. Daily new pieces arrive.

This brings me to the December 2002 To Love It All retreat, which was small and intimate with only six women gathering to take the next step. Sandy Denke, an artist and emotional counselor from Fort Worth, Texas who had attended the November Retreat had sent up a Batch of art glass necklaces for me to sell. They were all coded with color and patterns that held specific energies. They were laid out on the sharing table and before the workshop actually began, all the women attending were wearing one of Sandy's necklaces. One particular necklace was a pattern of copper iridescent spirals on a black background. As I opened with the Ezekiel channeling I was shown that the room was filled with these copper spirals.

Ezekiel said that this was a pattern in the template which would be activated as the spirals would begin to spin, bringing on line this long dormant field in the human emotional template on this planet. To make a very long experience short, a powerful shift occurred over the next 24 hours. There was one point where all six women unleashed their emotional grief and anger simultaneously directing the force of this energy to shatter the resistances and dysfunctional patterns and set the spirals spinning. Words can in no way describe the field that vibrated in our circle and ourselves as we breathed our emotional energy through our hearts and directed this force mentally to create the activation of this field.

For the remainder of our retreat, we played, danced and shared in this remarkable field of energy. We could tangibly feel this activation almost as if the chills and goose bumps that activated internally were a playable etheric material in which we could mold our intentions, heal our wounds and come into balance. I truly believe that we are just beginning to scrape the surface of the power of our emotional energy and its abilities to co create a new reality rather than trapping us in the matrix of our old fears. Many books have already been published on emotional healing and new techniques are gaining momentum. Each one of us that sticks our toes into this new energy to discover its properties is expanding the field and our abilities to use this force. A challenge for me has always been to write about emotional energy because it is so purely experience. I am realizing, however, that even though a scientist may never be able to portray the wonder of a discovery, it is important to write it down. It is up to others to bring it to life from these words and activate the wonder within themselves.

Emotional energy is simply an energy field with properties and uses to be discovered and used just as solar, electrical, nuclear, and magnetic energy have been used in the past. New uses and more understandings will be arriving daily. I am so excited to be one of the conscious emotional healers and scientists boldly going where few have dared travel for so long and discovering new worlds of potential every where I turn. I want to thank all of you who have worked with me, touched me, challenged me, taught me and grown into compassion along with me. The best is yet to come and a few set backs along the way will not alter the course of our success. Soon emotional energy will light up our world and expand our horizons.

I would like to conclude with the words Ezekiel shared at the opening point of this past weekend's retreat. You will be using the power and frequency of the energy you will be generating emotionally and knowing and feeling more clearly what to do with this energy. No longer will humanity choose to remain victimized by their feelings. Step into the uncomfortable situations you create and use the energy of the feeling in motion to reveal and shatter patterns of fear and then use this energy to manifest your wholeness. Use the power of your emotions to SPIRAL into the shift! Blessings to all on the journey and, know, I am with you always. I am your feelings and my power comes as you put them into motion constructively in your lives. There will be mistakes along the way but all are just lessons guiding you back into true self.

Thank you for listening. Blessings!

Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

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