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Stay Open and Feel!
By Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

It is becoming quite clear through this work that feelings are our doorway into communicating and becoming Co-creative with our Souls. As our souls need to get our attention to guide us in our Divine plan, this guidance very often comes in the form of feelings. As chaos increases around us and in our lives, our feelings will begin to show us the open door.

As is stands now, most of humanity has a minimal relationship to their feelings at best. If it feels good we accept. If the feelings are uncomfortable we reject. At that point of rejection, we usually move into judgment and begin to project and take action to bury these uncomfortable messages. Sometimes we invalidate, bury and reject the feeling so fast, we never consciously realize we had them.

This point of feeling is the power place. It is the juice for us to activate our participation in the upcoming lesson so we can become one with the message and truly integrate the feeling into compassion and understanding. Humanity's continued refusal to feel and heal all the emotions, especially the difficult ones, has caused our physical bodies to insist that we feel through pain, disease, and aging. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, depression and Alzheimer's are all on the raise screaming to us to feel and heal.

Here is how simple and easy it is to begin the process of staying open and present in the feeling so that your Soul can step in and show you the Open Door.

The next time you are triggered (an uncomfortable emotion gripping you in the gut, solar plexus or heart) invite the feeling to become your teacher. Stay open for the lesson. Breath into the feeling asking it to intensify. Identify the part of the other person or situation that is creating feelings of anger, pain, guilt etc. What is it exactly that is making you so upset. Name the trigger. Is it control, neediness, judgment, invalidation? What did this situation or person cause you to get in touch with? When you have that piece of the puzzle ask your soul to help you find the open door. Where is your reflection? It is ALWAYS there. If you get stuck here get some help from a friend or compassion guide who can assist you in expanding the feeling to find the lesson. Sometimes this part is the most difficult to understand. It may take some time to identify your OWN reflection. Rest assured, it is always there! What message is your soul trying to get through to you that it created such feelings? This will always lead you to you next step.

Understand that your heart, higher self or soul is always leading you into your lessons. It is time to follow our hearts into our deepest feelings and allow those feelings of anger, fear and pain to transmute into compassion. Every time you suppress or deny an emotion, you miss a tremendous opportunity to move more easily along your Soul's plan.

Give yourself this simple and important gift. Post it everywhere until it becomes automatic in your response pattern. The road map to fulfilling your soul contract more effortlessly is to feel, stay open, find the judgment point, identify the pattern, allow yourself to find the reflection, look for the open door to heal your own pattern. Whatever hurts, whatever feels like an attack, whatever seems not to be in sync with you, allow it to intensify. It is a message. As you allow the feelings to come, the understanding soon follows.

Wouldn't it be a gloriously beautiful new world when a small child comes running home from school in anger at his friend and the parent can validate his anger, encourage the release and then show him how to uncover the reflection. WOW! I can't wait. I am sure that as our planet and society become highly evolved, our feelings of fear that have manifested as anger, guilt, rage, shame etc. will become so instantly integrated into compassion and understanding that we will not have to manifest our reflections through war, school shootings, sexual abuse and violence. We are truly ascending into a new age.

. We are the engines that will move ourselves and our planet through the open door as we feel, heal and expand into higher consciousness. Thank you all for being my teachers.

In Lak'Ech Nancy Joy

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