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The Care Taking Implant

Nancy Joy Hefron & Ezekiel























































































          As compassionate human beings, healers and light workers, we all reach out to assist others and to heal. In some ways, this is the positive nature of humanity. As with any attribute, when it is out of balance in our lives, it creates some very difficult lessons. Those of you who work with me know, Ezekiel and I spend much time exposing unhealthy and out of balance patterns. Over the past several months, including my Equinox Yucatan Retreat and Peru, I have been immersed in mastering the art of balanced giving as opposed to "care taking."

Along with the "care taking" lesson goes honoring yourself first. For example, when you are on an airplane that may be experiencing difficulties, you place the oxygen mask on yourself first. After all, you cannot assist anyone if you pass out from lack of oxygen or life force. Yet, how many of us run around taking care of everyone else's needs before our own? This is what Ezekiel has called, "The Care Taking Implant."                                                                                                                                                    Over the past ten days Ezekiel has been assisting me with some very good guidelines and understandings, as humanity is now ready to address this issue and shatter the block to create empowerment.

I hope you enjoy his discussion as much as I have. These beautiful guidelines and understandings have certainly helped me integrate some difficult lessons. How do we create a balance to provide healthy assistance first to ourselves and then to those who we serve?



































Greetings my dear ones. It is I, Ezekiel, and I speak to you from your own heart through the frequency of your emotional field. Long ago, when the human DNA was altered for various reasons we won't address at this moment, there was one specific adjustment that has kept humanity out of balance and unhealthy emotionally ever since. It is difficult to explain multidimensional concepts in your terms. I will do my best.

In the feminine helix of your DNA on the etheric (4th dimensional plane) there was implanted a crystal which encoded those aspects of humans which are feminine (of course all humans have both male and female aspects). This crystal implant literally creates a vibratory pattern that sends messages to your feminine aspect to "care take" or assist others without regard to self. For over 13, 000 years or so your societies and world have been affected by this pattern.

Now, due to the increased frequency your planet is being exposed to as part of the evolutionary divine plane, this crystal implant is being exposed and shattered to allow a new level of higher consciousness to work through humanity. I realize that many of you reading this message are "care givers." As a vocation you have devoted your lives to healing the pain and suffering that surround you. In order to shatter the crystal that keeps you taking care of others in an out of balanced way, I am offering guidelines to assist you as you create, new healthy patterns of compassion out of the shattered remains of your impulse to "save the world" at your own expense.


         As you know, you are all in earth school. You are here to learn your lessons, feel your feelings and remember who you are as you step into ascension. Your soul has a plan and provides a grid for all human beings through this school. It is as if your soul is the schedule of classes, teachers and institutions you have chosen to experience to play out your role in the divine plan of ascension unfolding on earth.

Early on, your ego learned to activate this crystal "care taking" implant to stay in control and keep you from your ascension. You discovered at an early age, that the more you helped others, the more they loved you. This made you feel good and in balance, it is beautiful. However, soon the feminine aspect (that is why more females create this lesson than males although it is present in some degree in both) found that by "care taking" others they would not only feel good but also could manipulate and control their own lessons to some extent. Over 13,000 years you can imagine how distorted this has become. This implant now causes such confusion in the mind, that it is hard to know when there is healthy giving and when there is a distortion. It goes back to the biblical story when Jesus explain that it is better to give someone a fishing rod than a fish. Far better to receive the gifts that you can use to provide your sustenance, than to be given the sustenance and become dependent.




















 Here are some gifts for your emotional tool box to enjoy using and to teach to others.

Every time you give from your heart you send energy out to uplift and assist. This is beautiful if: Someone has asked for your assistance and you are in an uplifted and balanced place when you give.

So, I am giving to you this day several guidelines to use when your ego is pulling you to "care take" and you are not sure it is balanced for both you and the one you wish to help. When you help some one in an "out of balanced" fashion, you take away the lesson their soul had planned for them through a particular difficulty and you deplete your own energy field. Balanced giving enhances both!!!

I am not talking of random acts of kindness here but entrenched giving, usually to someone or group that is close to you. This often times is family or close friends. In the case of spiritual healers, it is often clients that suck their energy and keep them locked in this pattern.

If you suspect you are stuck in an unhealthy "care taking" pattern put the relationship to this test.

  • 1. Are you energized or depleted, after your interaction? If you are tired or depleted your energy is being sucked and the exchange is not healthy for either of you.

  • 2. Do you find yourself unable to focus or listen to the person as they share their problems with you? This is created by your higher self attempting to block the drain. It is like placing a block on your TV so your children cannot be exposed to unhealthy programs.

  • 3. When the interaction is complete, do you feel you have received as much as you have given? If not, you are giving for all the unhealthy be loved, not to be abandoned etc.

  • 4. Feel your physical body during an interaction with a person you suspect may be sucking on you. Are you feeling heavy in solar plexus? Are you feeling uncomfortable or frustrated? If so, your feelings are guiding you. Listen!

  • 5. Where has this person honored you for your assistance? Feel in your emotional body if you feel honored for your hard work. Be honest here. The ego will try to convince you otherwise, but the truth of your feelings will reveal the honest answer.

  • 6. Are your desires being enhanced by this interaction or ignored as you place the person you are assisting first? Remember the explanation on the airplane my dear Nancy provided in the introduction.

Here is where the "care taking" implant and "honoring your self" go hand-in -hand. When you assist others without honoring yourself and your own inner child, you will find always a powerful lesson awaits you. Just as any little child, your inner child wants to be loved and paid attention to and if you ignore your child's needs, the child will sabotage you in some way to get your attention. This is usual a painful lesson of some type.












































































































































Once you have discovered if you are engaged in healthy or unhealthy patterns of giving, take a moment to breathe the feelings of truth into every cell of your body. Breathe deeply now and acknowledge what you have uncovered. You will know beyond a shadow of doubt at this point if you are being drained by the crystal "care taking" implant. Now, how do you shatter this pattern and thus the etheric crystal holding it in place? Remember, every time you put on the oxygen mask first, you help not only yourself, but also everyone on the airplane (all humanity).

This is where healthy personal boundaries come in. It is time for you to pull the plug hooked into your energy field and energize yourself. Do whatever is required of you to pull the plug and know that the action may be shattering. This will usually involve a let-go of some relationship or form of that relationship to regain a healthy balance for yourself. As with any pattern that is shattered, there will be feelings of chaos and fears that arise for you to breathe into. Inner child work can be most stabilizing here. Hold your inner child in your heart and tell this child you wouldn't run to shut down the fear. Together you will love each other through the chaos and changes that arise from becoming healthy again. You can't grow a healthy garden in the same old worn out plot! If you know it is time to make some changes, just ask for guidance and give permission for your soul to show you the open door. Rest assured, it will show itself sooner than you think. Then it will be up to you to be clear and step through the door.








Walking through open doors that you know will create pain for others is a difficult lesson unto itself and I will address that further in the future.

I have enjoyed this opportunity to share and grow with all of you. If ever you wish to work with me, simply close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and feel me awake within you.


Of course this one subject could lead to so much more. In the way of integration, allow me to share a recent "care taking" implant story with you from my own life. There are many and some of them over this past year, have been so deep and life changing. As I have stepped up to the plate and begun to follow these guidelines in my everyday life, I am thrilled with the outcome. 









This story is short and involves an equine teacher that came into my life, my horse Mystic.

Over a year ago when Mark and I moved into El Shaddai I was able to have a horse on my property. This has been a dream of mine since I was a small child. Through my life I have been involved with horses at many levels, but never had the opportunity to have one live with me! WOW! So I asked Spirit to bring me the perfect horse for me. I asked for a horse that was already trained, loved to ride the trials and land waves of Iowa, that would be safe for me and not be needy of a lot of my time.

The first horse that came my way was a beautiful black appaloosa with a white blaze and white socks...very striking. My first ride with him went well so I paid his owner half the money she was asking and entered a 30 -day trail period. She had told me he had a serious accident when he was much younger and sometimes he spooked. The first week went well and I took several long rides with my friend Tiya and her horse.

Soon, however, his emotional problems began to manifest. He also required surgery for an old injury. I called his past owner and told her that the horse wouldn't work out. She cried and said she would have to send him to auction and asked me if she returned my deposit, would I be willing to keep him and work with him.

Well, my ego stepped right in here. After all, I am an experienced rider and an emotional healer. Spirit must have sent me this beautiful horse to heal! (As I look back on this, it is almost funny how our egos grab us and run with us).

Although I had many good rides with Mystic, I was also dumped four or five times when ever he spooked and I could never trust enough to saddle him up and enjoy the land of El Shaddai alone. You see, already my "care taking Implant" was in charge. I was accepting a needy horse relationship that drained me rather than the horse my inner child and I so longed for..

Things went from bad to worse as the months went by. As the summer sun shown down on our pasture, Mystic became more and more scary and needy. Twice I tried to ride and he took off as I pulled myself up on the saddle, injuring me both times! Finally I felt he may be in physical pain and had the vet check him over. The vet told me he was sound and healthy but not a safe horse and encouraged me to find another horse. He said Mystic needed "a good old cowboy." You see, I had diverted him from his highest pathway with my "care taking" also.

This happened at the same time I am channeling the guidelines from Ezekiel. Instead of honoring my desires to create the horse that would serve me, my ego talked me into saving a beautiful horse from whatever lessons he created for himself in this lifetime. All of the sudden, in every cell in my body, I understood. I told Mystic it was time for him to find his way. I am no longer his healer. He must learn to heal himself. I am letting him go. He is for sale now if any of you know a "good cowboy". I am earnestly searching for the horse I originally desired!

In my career as an emotional healer, I am most grateful to understand this lesson at a cellular and emotional level now. I am appreciative to have these wonderful guidelines from Ezekiel and I look forward to growing with all of you in a happier and healthier way. I enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to many more articles during these changing times of ascension. I look forward to your feedback if you are guided to share. Blessings on your journey.

In Lak'Eck Nancy Joy

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