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The Compassion Formula

As received by Jelaila Starr

Your soul has a plan.  Feel your feelings in every painful situation that arises. Ask to intensify these feelings in every cell in your body. Feel your emotional and physical response. Breath into whatever feeling arises.  As your ego steps into projection, defense, anger and judgement...breath love into your ego and bring yourself back into the feeling. Express your feelings openly through anger, rage, tears, grief or sorrow or joy. Stay with the feelings. If you have a friend around ask them to assist...not to make you feel better but to encourage the emotion trying to express and integrate. As the feelings become peaceful, it is time to move into the Formula of Compassion.

1. What is the lesson I hoped to learn as I created this situation?

2. What is the soul contract that I made with this person to learn this lesson?

3. What are the roles each one is playing so I can learn this lesson.

4. What aspects of myself is this reflecting back to me?

5. What gifts have I created from this?

6. Can I accept this situation has been necessary for my soul's

   blueprint to unfold for me?

7. Can I allow myself to release the negative feelings toward them and

   myself?  Blame, shame, guilt etc.

8. Can I release them and myself from the contracts?

9. How and when will I be kind to them and myself. 

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