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The Next Step...
Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

What exactly is ascension anyway? We all hear about it, read about it, listen to our Spiritual guides and teachers tell us of its inevitability. Somewhere inside of each of us we all desire it profoundly. Yet, it is illusive and certainly difficult to define and achieve. For the past 15 years, I have been searching, growing, experiencing and asking for direction into this mystery. Well, I don't have all the answers. As my guide Ezekiel says, Nancy, I don't know is a good place to be. After all, humble means teachable! But, I have been given this opportunity to share with you what I have discovered.

In the l980's and l990's, as we all connected more deeply to God within, we were guided into knowing that love is the answer. We were taught affirmations of love and self- acceptance. Our lessons were about forgiveness and loving one and other. We all held hands, hugged and loved as best we could. We open our hearts to do so. We needed to be shown those unconditionally loving places within our own beings. And yet, as we are now experiencing, the lessons keep coming. We feel triggered (emotions gripping us in the belly, solar plexus and/or heart) by friends, family, and co-workers.

Depression is running rampant on our planet. What isn't working here? We have forgiven everyone. We opened to love and still we are not at peace with various situations and people that our souls have connected us with. What is the missing piece? What is the lesson we are not seeing?

I have discovered that the missing piece is that very part of ourselves that we are uncomfortable with...our very own shadow side. We may be uncomfortable with anger. For some tears do not come easily. Many of us are afraid to disappoint those with expectations of us so we disappoint ourselves instead. We are afraid that if we express our true feelings and emotions we will not be loved. We may be abandoned or rejected. Our expressed truth may ultimately bring us pain. That is what we all run from pain! Yet it is the very experience of our uncomfortable emotions that allows them to integrate and be at last loved again by us. To love it all means to love even the difficult or negative emotions. We are being asked to embrace our lower selves so our higher and lower selves can integrate. We are being asked to stop rejecting half of our feelings.

Our souls have always had a plan for us. They have led us into every lesson, every situation, and every experience with great purpose and knowing. As Ezekiel has always said, your heart doesn't always lead you directly into joy but it always leads you to the truth if you allow it. In Genesis we are told that God created the darkness and the light and yet we so fear the darkness. Our shadow needs validation to become one with the light. When you protect yourself from negative emotions and energy, did you ever consider that you were protecting yourself from a part of you! At last the next piece on our pathway to ascension has been given to us. Are you ready to move to a deeper consciousness?

It is time to claim our dark love the forgotten inner children deep within us who were born into patterns and social structures that caused us pain. The Christians claim we are born into sin. I believe that we are born into the patterns that our souls have come to heal. Our egos are trying to keep us safe from pain by leading us into avoidance and denial. Spirit is passionate and vibrates compassion for all creation. There is nothing really bad, just rejected parts of our own hearts crying to be acknowledged and loved.

We are vast beings and we exist on every dimension, in many aspects through all space and time. We are truly sparks of God/Creator in human form. Ascension is the process of clearing our emotional patterns and blocks on a cellular level allowing more of our Godsevles to come into every cell in our bodies. As we are becoming Spirit so it becomes us.

Perhaps many of you have read or heard that we our transmuting from two stranded DNA to 12 strands. We are becoming multidimensional and the process of so doing is called ascension.

Truly we are not leaving to go to heaven. We are creating heaven in every cell in our bodies. So our souls are busily guiding us into some challenging and uncomfortable situations insisting that we feel ALL our feelings, acknowledge our truth and become REAL!

Are we ready now to truly live life with passion and love it all? Are we truly willing to find the center of our sorrow and sit with our pain without running to hide or fix it? Are we ready to ask our soul's why we have created these feelings and what is it we seek to heal? Are we ready to use the fuel we have created to leap into ascension consciously? I have been working with the beauty and joy of unfolding these hidden parts of myself and others, using the Compassion Formula and other multi-dimensional tools being brought forth to assist humanity at this time.

To Love It All retreats and private sessions with Ezekiel and myself help you to peel back the layers of blocked feelings and emotions and unfold your soul's path. With the guidance of Spirit and our soul's we gently reveal and integrate feelings of pain, anger, fear, depression, guilt and shame to assist you in finding your passion for life again. These are life changing tools, which when learned experientially, create understanding and acceptance of the value and purpose for these difficult emotions. As you do this in a powerful group setting with trained guides and friends to assist you, you truly begin to clear the veil that separates you from the clear voice of God within. You become more and more longer trapped by the old patterns and fears that have controlled you for so long. This work creates the launching pad for your personal ascension.

If you are interested in taking your next step. Please call me at 319-365-3398 or check out my web site for more articles, pictures, client feedback and information.

The only thing stopping you is the fear of knowing how truly powerful you are.

Thank you for listening. Blessings!

Nancy Joy Hefron and Ezekiel

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