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When the Heart Speaks...Listen













"Your heart unconditionally loves you and will always speak the truth in love. There is absolutely no judgment in your heart. If you hear yourself criticizing or blaming yourself or others, it is not I, your heart, you are hearing. The heart knows no right or wrong, it only knows love and will speak to you of love, compassion and freedom. I do not ever use words such as need or want. There is no should or shouldn't uttered from these depths. Neediness need not apply for a space in the solar heart of God that beats inside of each of you. Never and impossible are given no credibility or definition in my dictionary. If you are seeking justice, it is not found anywhere but within my truth. For I alone am the source of all integrity.















          The truth of your heart sees every person and situation as the divine manifestation of your own beliefs. If you are unhappy with anyone around you, find that place inside of me that feels closed and separate and you will then understand that I cannot be filled by anyone but yourself.

Know that when your mind chatters different scenarios and what ifs to you day and night, you are being delayed on your path to enlightenment. Your heart doesn't question; it already FEELS the truth for you.











































































                   I          I  beg you, take your busy mind in hand and love it into balance with you. Hold it and ask it to speak to you of fear for it is only fear that asks what if. You heart knows that the past and the future are happening now. Be in this moment and feel the whole truth of your heart. Place your choices in my care and trust! Ask yourself when you are uncertain, do I feel love in my heart when I think of this or that or does my ego start its dialogue of deception to keep you from your power.

I know not the word safety for your Divine Self is the source of your supply and that source lives within your heart. I will call you to risk and invite change to become your playmate as you dance the dance of life. Change is the source of my expansion and I will sing to you of dreams that call you into action. Impossible is a word created to limit the heart and I die bit by bit when any of you move into complacency, feeling your dreams are impossible.                                                                                                              Any action taken with loving intent fortifies me and creates life force within me that I might expand so you can feel my power in ever cell in your body. I call you now deep into your body so together we may heal your emotions.

Sometimes you feel as if you heart is breaking when a source of love is withdrawn from you. What you are actually feeling is the void within me where I have not been loved and called forth to co-create joy, grace and abundance in your life. I am so gripped at times by your pain that I take on the pain you refuse to feel for you and it physically attacks my ability to pump life through your channels. Feel you own pain so that I do not have to. Through that experience you will find those parts of me you have forgotten and wounded.                       Where I have not been heard from for eons of time, I am in a state of cryogenics. I just need you to feel all your emotions again so I can enliven and reactivate my power and strengthen my life force.

To find me within your being and feel my expansion within your body, stop trying to figure me out and simply love me awake and alive within you. Open my door wide and invite all humanity to find shelter within my unconditionally loving vibration. There is no need to be afraid that I will be harmed for an open heart is the greatest power in creation. Only you can find the courage to empower my portal that together we may change the world.


I will sometimes speak to you of changes and patterns that you may not want to acknowledge, but always hear me out. My words are love and will bring tears of deep feeling to your eyes. When you feel me well up inside you and release, I am clearing channels to the heart for you to nurture and strengthen.

Thank you for listening to me. I am always calling you into my depths through feelings, sound, form, color and experience. Learn to tune into my powerful vibration and together we will increase the frequency of the heart until you and I are one again resonating in unconditional loving light and dancing in joy on earth. I look forward to your visits, and I am waiting for the time when you feel comfortable enough in my power to take up permanent residence within me. You will never again need to ask, "How do I know when it is my heart speaking to me?" For you are me.

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