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UK Crop Circle Experience:

Integrating the New Reality in England


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August 6-13, 2013

The Crop Circle phenomenon has been expanding and becoming more intricate every year since the first simple ones appeared in the green hills and fields of the Emerald Island, England, back in the late ‘70’s. They have captured our imagination, tickled our curiosity and recoded our very cells with their messages.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a seven night/eight day tour of the English countryside visiting the sacred vortexes that attracted these Crop Circles in the first place (they have evolved way beyond circles), as well as experiencing any new crop circles that the 2013 season offers us. Let’s see what happens after the shift, as we begin to embrace earth’s New Reality.

Join Nancy Joy and our amazing guides John and Meredith Flanagan,
Divine Light Tours and as we visit the mystical places of legend such as Avalon (Glastonbury), Merlin’s Cave, and King Arthur’s Castle/ birthplace in Tintagel. Experience the powerful vortex sites in Glastonbury, known as the heart chakra of the planet, such as the Chalice Well, the Tor of Avalon, the Abbey and the Holy Thorn Tree. Then branching out over the famous green hills, we will visit Avebury(the largest stone circle on the planet), the current Crop Circles (optional chance to fly over the Circles), Stonehenge, and the White Crystal Stone formation to name a few of the magical sites you will enjoy.


We will be working with the deeper archetypes of these places, unfolding their spiritual potentials which correspond with our own spiritual journey and awakening. If this stirs your imagination and awakens you’re ancient longing, consider taking the leap and joining us, as we unfold this special opportunity to catch the Crop Circle magic, and experience, first hand, the vortexes you have dreamed of. Is your heart calling you?

$2,399 (double occupancy) if paid in full by April 1, 2013. An $800 deposit holds your spot.

Price includes quaint and lovely Bed & Breakfast accommodations, bus driver and extraordinary spiritual tour guide, all entrance fees, petrol and parking, ceremonies and sharing with Ezekiel. (not included…Airfare, tips, lunch, dinner…meals in moderate priced pubs) Payment plan possible. Plan ahead.

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