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Why choose a Heartlights Sacred Journey?

Let's face it. There are many Sacred Journeys with various facilitators available out there and new ones cropping up all the time. Why choose me, Nancy Joy?

Only your heart can really answer that question. For me, it is always a coming together of an open doorway through a trusted source and a feeling in my heart that guides my way and I have never been disappointed. My heart doesn't always lead me on the easiest path, but it does always create the perfect opportunity for me to grow, learn, and heal. Here are some feelings and thoughts on my journeys that may help you understand where I am coming from and if this journey is the one for you.

In general, I feel many Spiritual Seekers come to Egypt, Peru, the Yucatan, or Glastonbury because somewhere in their hearts they remember their connection to their ancient homeland. These people are attuned to energies and can feel the vortex of unique energies that vibrate at a sacred site such as the Pyramids and Temples along the Nile. Many are very consciously advanced and are healers, facilitators and teachers of Spiritual wisdom already.

The common thread is that these people are seeking themselves in the deepest way possible. They have shifted and believe that we are all Creator Gods here to heal ourselves, our race, and our planet. By coming together and joining hearts with others drawn to the same experience, you create a field of expansion that opens doorways that might otherwise remain tightly closed. It is also about creating new templates and activating and energizing grids already in place.

Every trip has an intention and a purpose, even if that is not clear in the beginning. Heartlights journeys are organic in nature. There is no Guru. I hold a heart space for incredible shifts to occur in every group and each individual. Sometimes it is not until near the very end that we all realize what has occurred for us personally and as a whole. All the ceremonies are created by the group in many ways - changing as we change. They are usually very spontaneous - based on collective energies at any given site. All the gifts and talents in the group are not only honored but incorporated into the whole. There is a group meeting everyday to share our feelings and experiences and to help each other move through the inevitable feelings and lessons that our sacred adventure has in store for us. My journeys are relatively small in nature, with as few as 7 and never more than 20 so far.

To Love It All is my passionate service to myself and the planet. Both the darkness and the light are one in the heart. As I am guided to bring this clarity and consciousness to various places on our planet, I am encoding the sacred sights to vibrate from this higher consciousness raising the vibration of Earth while at the same time the frequencies of the sites are interacting with our individual and group energies. This always opens up new doorways of expansion. If you are drawn to participate, it is because you are assisting in this important grid work, as well as your own journey of initiation. Wherever I go, the truth of my heart and feelings shall speak, inviting you to join me and do the same!

Also, you can click here for a great Associated Press article about my journeys that was published in the spring of 2010.

So, my friends here on our earth walk, in the end you will know if this is the journey you are being called to take. I hope our paths may cross one day, and, in the meantime, follow your heart wherever it may lead.

In Lak'ech
Nancy Joy Hefron

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