Dolphin Free Swims


 Private group trips available for Summer 2016.  Gather 6-12 friends and enjoy the Bimini Free Swim with our dolphins brothers and sisters, Nancy Joy and Ezekiel.  Dates available for 2016. Email


Join Nancy Joy, and Ezekiel (the emotional grid of humanity) as we create a group heart calling in our dolphin brothers and sisters to guide us in the activation and healing of our cellular DNA.  The dolphin frequencies and codes unlock dormant memories and open the door to healing on so many levels. It is the dolphin interaction and the human pod integrating together as one heart that creates the magic.

Join our Pod!  Come play, interact and expand with these beautiful beings that have come to earth from their home world in the Sirius B star system thousands of years ago to hold the field of a higher consciousness for us. Now that we have arrived we will be working with them to create new realities on our planet. Be with us as eye -to-eye/ heart-to-heart connection opens wide the portals of wisdom and communication with the dolphins and the messages are easily received.  If your heart calls you to interact with us during this very special time, please come aboard the fabulous 90 foot yacht Indigo with Dolphin Expeditions and Heartlights to expand in ways you could never have imagined.  Follow your heart! Take the leap!  






















































$1,775 US.


Hurry. Space is limited.  $300 non refundable deposit assures your spot.

All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included.  Depart from Fort Lauderdale.  (Air Fare to Bimini and tips not included)


Contact Nancy Joy at now for further information.


Check out Dolphin Expeditions web site at






























































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Bimini Dolphin Free swim Deposit
(Only applies to clients who have had at least one full hour session within the past year)
Bimini Dolphin Free swim Deposit
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