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Join Nancy Joy and Ezekiel as we create a group heart to catch the magic of such mystical places as Glastonbury with its connection to ancient Avalon and the Druids.  Enjoy climbing the famous Thor at sunset and imagine yourself as once you where, walking through the mists and greenery in the Age of the goddess.

Tap into the energy of Merlin at the ancient oaks Gog and Magog. The Abbey and the Chalice Well and Gardens will capture your heart. Our private ceremony ay Stonehenge after closing is not to be missed.

Averbury, Salisbury Hill and Merlin’s Mound call to us to connect and so we do.

Then it's on to the coast to Tinatgel, the ancient home of Camelot, so they say.  Here we walk the cliffs, honor the sea far below us, climb down into Merlin’s Cave (only reachable when the tide is out) to feel that incredible energy  WOW!

As with all Heartlights Journeys…It’s All About You!  Creating emotional honesty and heart connection is always the primary focus of any sacred journey with Nancy Joy and Ezekiel. And England always seems to embrace our co-creative intent with ease.

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