Nancy Joy’s Guided Journeys

Enjoy eight beautifully produced and powerful guided journeys by Nancy Joy and musician John Reasoner. Each journey is designed to take listeners more deeply into their own intuitive abilities to create healing, understanding, peace and balance in their lives. The music that accompanies each journey was individually composed to bring deeper states of reflection and connection.

These meditations have been used in healing and recovery programs since 1994 at places such as University of Iowa Hospitals, Mayo Clinic and Hazelton.

Take the journey! Find your center!

All Eight Journeys only $5.55


Listen to a sample of Heartlights CD’s Garden Sojourn below:

Customer Reviews:

I purchased the Heartlights Collection complete set of guided meditations for myself and my four daughters. I am continually amazed at the serenity that Nancy Joy's guided meditations help me achieve. They continue to bring me comfort in my hectic life and they help me problem solve when my troubles overwhelm me.  Nancy's soothing guidance reassures me that all will be well in my world when there are days I seriously doubt.

They are a gift beyond compare.
Kelley Krietzer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

My 9 year old grandson has been diagnosed with severe ADD. The side affects of medication proved worse then the hyperactivity. Eric has trouble calming down and sleeping at night is erratic at best. A friend lent me the Heartlights Collection of Guided Journeys which I used and finally purchased myself as I found them so calming. I decided to try one with Eric and, low and behold, he fell to sleep and stayed asleep. Over time he has chosen several favorites and now we can’t travel anywhere without them. I can’t recommend these journeys highly enough.

Donna Figley, Tampa, Florida

I have bought many of these guided journeys over the years until now. I have found the best. The Heartlights Collection eight journeys are amazing. Whenever I am distraught, can’t sleep, or feel agitated I play one, often at night when sleep eludes me. I quickly find myself back in my center. Here is a tool for our shifting times.
Morgan Petropolous New York City


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