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The Nibiruan Council with Jelaila and Jonathan Starr

  • Enjoy Jelaila Starr's galactic perspective on our times. She has brought forth to humanity The 13th Dimensional Formula of Compassion from the Nibiruan Council. Jelaila has been a teacher and friend of mine on our emotional healing journeys. She offers clear and helpful assistance on living multi-dimensionally. Jelaila explains that humans possess the highest technology available in our universe, compassion. You will enjoy exploring her site.

Lauren Pomerantz

  • Lauren bring the sounds, tones and frequency of the expanded heart to earth in her healing music. The frequency she creates opens the wounded heart and expands the listener's ability to connect multi-dimensionally. She is extraordinary. My favorite two CD's are Tree of Life and Ecstatic Communion.

Karen Taylor Good

  • You will love this artist. She sings to your soul, your feelings and calls up the emotions like now other. You will find yourself amazed and calling for more! My favorites are On Angels Wings, Healing In The Hands of Time, A Perfect Work of Art...great CD's!

Catherine Wilson

  • The Seeds of Light CD brings listeners into all sides of Spirit through the heart. Enjoy Catherine's extraordinary voice and healing words.

 image002Centers of Light Directory

  • The Centers of Light Directory lists hundreds of people from around the world who are doing good work that's making a difference in our world. In addition it has a large resource section to be drawn upon by visitors.

    Our intent is to report on events, activities, achievements, projects and people who represent the highest and best of human endeavor and what we can achieve, both individually and collectively. We believe that this represents the true nature of who we are.  Our purpose is not only to inform and inspire, but to provide cross cultural models from around the world as to what people are doing to solve world problems and create new options.  We see a "Community Without Borders"  as those throughout the world who have seen a vision of a new era and are dedicated to bringing it into reality.

Astrology Junction
  • Learn astrology,read your horoscopes,discover zodiac mythology, dreams, and find your zodiac sign on Astrology Junction

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