Private Sessions 

  • UNFOLD the dormant art of being REAL in this world.
  • DISCOVER the way to tap into scary and dark feelings and bring them into love.
  • LEARN to validate feelings in yourself and others.
  • UNCOVER your own reflection in every uncomfortable situation and use your own healing to raise your vibration and activate your light body (Merkaba).
  • DISCOVER how to use anger harmlessly as a tool to create healing and understanding.
  • LEARN how secrets and lies create a destroyer force in your life. Come and experience the JOY of stepping into the dark and realizing you have the light within to turn it into love! All along, that which you have most feared and rejected is your ticket back to self-love.

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How to prepare:

During these sessions, Nancy Joy will ask you to begin by sharing the reasons you have been guided to work with her. She will ask you to state your intentions for the session and chat briefly with you. Then, after a short prayer to connect hearts and bring your emotional field on line, Ezekiel will work with you.

As the session continues Ezekiel and Nancy Joy share with you to support a beautiful emotional clearing and healing. Each session is unique and guided fully by Spirit.

All sessions are digitally recorded and the link is sent to you for download or to listen online. Sessions are usually by phone or Skype. They may be scheduled "in person." After your session, your real homework begins.

To make the most of your session, it is best to listen again and journal the most important insights, revelations, and suggestions. This then becomes your workbook as you move through the particular patterns revealed to you.

These healing sessions assist you in your ascension process, for as you clear unhealthy patterns, your DNA recodes and your connection to your own soul and it's plan for you become more clear.

Nancy Joy is also available to travel to your area.
Usually those weekends begin with a Friday night intro and channeling circle with Ezekiel. This is then followed by a one or two day 'To Love It All' emotional healing retreat. Days for private session can be arranged to coincide. Be a sponsor and share in the abundance.           

I love my private sessions with Ezekiel and Nancy. I have worked with her since 1991 and I always know she has great compassion for me with whatever issue it is we are working on in my life. What I appreciate most about her abilities (and there are many) is that as she has the unique approach of teaching me to go deeper into myself to resolve and release those issues that continue to hold me back. I always look forward to my sessions with her and each session brings greater knowledge of myself. She is one of the best I have ever worked with and I hope you will take the leap of faith to call or email her and schedule an appointment now.
Ann Herberger
Miami, Florida

Working with Nancy Joy and Ezekiel is an incredible experience. Ezekiel assists Nancy in unfolding those hidden patterns and places deep within that elude me. As the feelings come up' and they do' Nancy Joy assists as I learned to breath the feelings back into my heart. Then, she helps me put words to my break through and guides me to my next steps. My first session with Nancy Joy moved me more than years of therapy.
Jeremy Stover
Denver, Colorado

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