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AllAboutYOUHeartlight's new interactive radio web cast that takes you from vicitmhood to empowerment.

Listen to Nancy Joy Hefron and co-host Valerie Smith as well as other guests discuss a new topic weekly.

Learn how to live you life with passion, freedom and wholeness leaving the victim a distant memory in your past. Your soul has a plan and every experience was created to guide you to your potential. Part of the human condition is losing sight of that plan, feeling alone, depressed or confused. But those feelings you run from are divinely orchestrated to bring you exactly where you are and to lead you where you have always intended to be. Join us as we unfold the patterns and the doorways through interactive discussion and questions from our audience. Just click on the show that interests you below, lean back and enjoy.

We welcome your questions and we use many of them on the show. Email us at nancyjoyhefron@heartlights.net

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Radio Show #7: Secrets and LiesRadio Show #7: Secrets and Lies (5367 KB)

Radio Show #6: Follow Your Soul PlanRadio Show #6: Follow Your Soul Plan (5235 KB)

Radio Show #5: With HoldingRadio Show #5: With Holding (3772 KB)

Radio Show #4: Personal BoundariesRadio Show #4: Personal Boundaries (2516 KB)

Radio Show #3: Fear....What it's Good For?Radio Show #3: Fear....What it's Good For? (3445 KB)

Radio Show #2: Dancing with the DarknessRadio Show #2: Dancing with the Darkness (4832 KB)

Radio Show #1: Understanding AngerRadio Show #1: Understanding Anger (5809 KB)

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