Guided Meditation - Relaxation - Nancy Joy Hefron

                               Heartlights Holiday Specials!

I am excited to be offering two great holiday specials for you. It is my passion to help as many folks as possible through these challenging times of shift as our hearts open and our planet begins to shine with the light of our love. So here you go.

Purchase full recorded private sessions with Ezekiel and Nancy Joy for only $55 (regularly $90). They make great holiday gifts. Certificates available (order up to three with no expiration). Purchase here. Offer ends 1/1/2016.

Purchase a 48 hour private retreat with Nancy Joy and Ezekiel at El Shaddai or at a place of your choosing. ONLY $222! (reg. $325)These retreats have lately become my favorite way to help because they become so amazing as we work together to establish a powerful reconnection of your heart consciousness to your Divine Innocence. Catch the Magic.       Purchase here. Offer ends 1/1/2016.

Follow your heart and take the leap!

The truth of your heart sees every person, event and situation as the divine manifestation of your own beliefs and patterns.

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