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Arrange your own private group Sacred Journey through Heartlights. (Six minimum)
If you have Spiritual friends who have longed to go to Egypt gather them and share the possibilities Heartlights has to offer. It is more doable than you may have imagined.

The Shift has happened. We are living in the new 5D Frequencies. New heart waves are pulsating in our beings awakening and guiding us. It’s time to return to Mother Egypt as she has shifted and changed also. She is calling us home to work with her and to fulfill our destinies. The cabalistic hold on our sacred sites has been released.  Time to return, recalibrate and create from our expanded consciousness and hearts.

The wave of change is uprooting the old everywhere. Come cultivate the new on these powerful energy vortexes on the first anniversary of the Golden Gate opening to the New Reality on the Giza Plateau November 22. Return now, not to activate and heal, but to recalibrate and create. Experience the 11:11 ascension doorway and the power of the Golden Gate on the Giza Plateau.

Enjoy all Egypt has to offer as we travel the Nile for six days on our private Dahabeya (boat). Together we become a family of the heart as we journey, do ceremony and connect to become “one”. Many options will be available to you during your journey including the famous market places, traditional felucca rides, a Nubian Village visit, and much more.

Finally, we take a deep breath and integrate all that has unfolded within us on our journey as we return to Cairo for our very special private group visit to the Paws of the Sphinx and then into The Great Pyramid.