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Heartlights Nancy Joy Hefron Stonehenge Ezekiel
“Ezekiel” image by Steve Takes

Ezekiel and Channel Nancy Joy Hefron have been partnering for the past 17 years to assist humanity as the light of epiphany crack’s open the human heart and energizes the dormant emotional field of the light body.

Ezekiel is the higher dimensional emotional aspect of humanity who is responsible for raising the frequency of the human emotional field as the light body comes on line.

In order to reconnect, recode and activate the human DNA, the emotional field must be brought back on-line as we learn to honor all human feelings (joy, happiness, grief and pain).

Ezekiel and Nancy Joy assist you in finding your emotional blocks (those places so painful you have hidden them in the darkness).

As you begin to validate these long dormant feelings you soon begin to integrate them into compassion and love.

As soul’s we choose to be born into certain family patterns that create emotional shut down.

Now, during this time of ascension, we are being guided by our souls to turn into our own darkness and bring our love into those forgotten places. Ezekiel and Nancy Joy can assist you.

Ezekiel brings understanding, compassion, humor and depth to all interactions. As you agree to work with this frequency, you feel expanded and a new realness begins to open inside of you. Unfold your own hidden emotional gifts and use the feelings to activate your light body.

Discover the JOY of learning “To Love It All”.

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