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Everything in our lives is designed to lead us to our highest evolution. The shadows and the light align and integrate to expose our divinity with every experience and in every breath. Times have changed and we are now living in a vibrant 5 Dimensional frequency so many of our old patterns and responses no longer serve us.

Join Nancy Joy and Ezekiel (the emotional field) as you discover the power and beauty of the new 5D emotional field and how transformative it can be.

Enjoy the clarity and amplification of the love frequency in the group heart as we experience the power of your emotional field to support and heal. This retreat is experiential and informative using sound, movement, music, meditation, nature and sharing to Catch the Magic of feelings.

It is no longer necessary or helpful to process and figure out “why” but rather experientially leave the past behind you and create in the new. Learn to move with the energy of your emotions into clarity. As never before, that I am now. I am the light. The light I am.

If you are interested in future retreats with Nancy Joy and Ezekiel, contact us here.

Heartlights Nancy Joy Hefron Iowa Retreats 5D Emotional Transformation