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As you travel with Nancy Joy and Ezekiel to the Yucatan you will join other adventurers as you land in Cancun and head immediately down the beautiful Caribbean coast to Puerto Aventuras (the Port of Adventure).

There you will greet the turquoise blue waters and peaceful Mayan energy in a spectacular private ocean front villa with its own private pool and staff to serve you.

For the next week you will immerse yourself in the clear Mayan energies (Maya means illusion) as you open your heart to the hidden places inside you long forgotten. 

Working with Ezekiel and Nancy Joy, you will learn to activate and use the emotional gifts of ascension as you discover the art of being REAL in this world. You will begin to feel more freely and validating all feelings, uncovering your own reflection in every situation. 

While the daily group session forms the backdrop to this experience, the afternoons are spent enjoying the sacred sites of Tulum and Coba, snorkeling some of the world’s greatest underwater treasures, swimming in the crystal clear sacred cenotes, swimming with dolphins, exploring the jungle, playing, laughing and, of course, shopping.

Some groups may choose to travel to Chichen Itza for an overnight visit to this powerful vortex energy about three hours inland. 

We feel, play, love, interact and share together in an adventure that leaves most folks yearning to return again as soon as possible. And, many do return. Some people have joined us as many as four times!!!

During my Yucatan Retreat, it suddenly became clear to me that I had put myself in a box and I couldn’t get out! That box represented what people thought of me. As soon as I was shown the open door, I discovered the courage within me to begin to live “out of the box.”

Sue Isaac
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Take the leap, follow your heart and join the journey!

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