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Altars of the Red Earth
A Pilgrimage
Sedona, Arizona

Contact Nancy Joy to Arrange a Group or Private Journey.

We are the co-creators of a new paradigm of heart-centered connection with an emerging New Earth. Hearts are expanding around the globe as we collectively re-calibrate to the frequencies of love, balance and compassion.

The ancient power centers long understood by our ancestors are calling out to those who have the appetite to resume sacred communication with the essential energies of our human origin and in so doing, encounter profound personal and collective healing and expanded spiritual vision for the benefit of future generations.

In the United States, one of our most powerful and ancient energy centers vibrates within the majestic red rocks and ancient altars of Northern Arizona: the land of the Hopi, Yavapai and other ancestral Puebloans who have long maintained the essential connections of these spiritual centers on behalf of all created beings in the medicine wheel and the multiple worlds that human beings have traversed to this point.

Join Nancy Joy (Heartlights), Clint Frakes (Sedona Sacred Earth) and his wife Michelle Peterson (Medicine of the Heart) as we endeavor this pilgrimage into our own hearts, bringing a renewed, loving connection to these sacred lands, natural medicines and ancient indigenous teachings that await our conscious approach, as we each explore our profound awakening to the ancient soul within us. Cultivating a deeper presence and a more profound relationship to the natural world, elements and life forms is both highly therapeutic and necessary for genuine happiness and personal discovery.

Throughout our pilgrimage, we will explore and meditate on deep earth connections through plants, animals, stones and traditional indigenous means of dialogue with Creation. We invite you to meet Sedona’s natural shrines and unique medicines, allowing yourself a significant recalibration of your own energetic wiring as we walk the natural altars, medicine wheels, and sacred sites of the ancients while forming a group heart every step of the way.

Join us for Five days of heart expansion, deep connection with nature and discovery of personal vision as we traverse the Altars of the Red Earth. From Sedona to the Grand Canyon and into the lives and lands of the Hopi we will journey together creating a group heart while aligning our prayers, meditations and intentions with the powerful frequencies of these timeless natural shrines.