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Why the Journey?

To Love It All is my passionate service to myself and the planet. Both the darkness and the light are one in the heart. As I am guided to bring this clarity and consciousness to various places on our planet, the Heartlights participants and I are activating those codes within our hearts and at the sites, turning on the grids of consciousness for us all! Let’s face it. There are many Sacred Journeys with various facilitators available out there and new ones cropping up all the time.

Why choose me, Nancy Joy? Click here to find out!

Heartlights Nancy Joy Hefron Iowa group
Heartlights Nancy Joy Hefron Egypt 3

Look into the journey of your choice…


Ezekiel and Nancy Joy Hefron facilitate Sacred Journeys to Egypt with optional add-ons. Together they work, play and expand with every group to bring humanity’s expanding consciousness on-line at the power points of the earth grid.

The Yucatan

Join Nancy Joy as we open our hearts to heal emotional patterns, recoding our DNA and connecting with our guides in a private villa on the Caribbean Sea. Swim with dolphins, visit sacred sights, explore the crystal clear cenotes.


Visit the Islands of the Sun and the Moon and discover the interdimensional doorway at Aramu Muru and Tiawanaka, explore Macchu Piccu and much more! Follow your heart and leap into the adventure… June Solstice 2011 The Festival of Inti Raymi


Embrace the magic of Merlin in Tintagel, climb the mystical Thor and meditate at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Feel the presence of Avalon as we travel the English countryside. Create a private ceremony at ancient and powerful Stonehenge and more.

Dolphin Free Swims

Leap into the aqua waters of the Caribbean off the coasts of Bimini or the Bahamas as we invite the many pods of dolphins inhabiting those areas to come play with us as we heal. To look into the eye of a dolphin under the sea is to know!