Coming Your Way 2015

       Happy 2015 to one and all.  Welcome to the incredible mix of chaos and bliss out of which we will emerge to fly free and begin to master our creative abilities.  It’s already in full swing on my end.  Within one week of the New Year, our long, drawn  out court case with our neighbors has magically gone away and a few days later, our basement flooded forcing a let go and clean up and both things are the excitement and energy out of which my husband and I have the opportunity to create magic and change in our lives and our planet this coming year.

       If you haven’t listened to last week’s 2015 Reflections spelling out these energies and opportunities heading your way this year, please take a moment to do so.  It is amazing out there!

Nancy Joy’s Video

Coming your way in 2015

       The Shift has happened. We are living in the new Frequencies. It has been four years since Arab Spring ignited change in Mother Egypt.   New heart waves are pulsating in our beings awakening and guiding us.  It’s time to return to Mother Egypt as she shifts and changes also.  She is calling us home to work with the ancestors and to fulfill our destinies.    The grids are complete and activated and the wave of change is uprooting the old everywhere.  Come cultivate the new on these powerful energy vortexes.  Return now, not to activate and heal, but to createJoin Me In Egypt

       Join me in Sedona this Spring as we endeavor this pilgrimage into our own hearts, bringing a renewed, loving connection to these sacred lands, natural medicines and ancient indigenous teachings that await our conscious approach, as we each explore our profound awakening to the ancient soul within us. Cultivating a deeper presence and a more profound relationship to the natural world, elements and life forms is both highly therapeutic and necessary for genuine happiness and personal discovery. Join Me In Sedona

       I am also very excited to have been asked to be a presenter on the Spirit of Alaska Holistic Cruise and Seminar-at Sea.  I have always wanted to have this experience in Alaska and now I can invite my Hearlights’ friends to join me and Ezekiel. It will take place June 12 to 19, 2015 on the Incredible Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, sailing from Seattle, WA to the stunning glaciers of Alaska. Join Me For The Spirit of Alaska Cruise

2015 has arrived!  It is the time…

to shift, let go, create, feel the joy, and  transform.  I have been guided to help as many folks as possible as we move more fully into this great and yet often frustrating but at the same time seemingly blissful shift we are creating.  One of Ezekiel’s favorite sayings to me is…both things are true!  Here are some great ways to take advantage of some incredible assistance right now and help the ones you love also!

 FIRSt: Free and easiest way…Take advantage of the free 15 minute mini session going on right now  Find out More!

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Last but far from least…Join us for a life changing journeys in 2015

EGYPT  The Return…  March 8-19th, 2015  Find Out More

SEDONA Altars of The Red Rocks   April-26-May 1, 2015  Find Out More

Join Ezekiel and Nancy Joy Spirit of Alaska Cruise June 12-19, 2015  Check It Out