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New Year's 2013 Message from Ezekiel

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 31, 2012

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 Reflections   December 31, 2012  A New Year’s Message from Ezekiel

December 31, 2012 

Hopefully, you all know by now that you are creating your reality and defining your future with every feeling and every thought.  As the Emotional Grid of Humanity, I hold the field that insists that you learn the constructive uses of all you emotions.  After all, you have a thought which creates a feeling and then you usually respond to that feeling according to your level of consciousness and your patterns.  During 2012 there has been a huge shift in awareness and consciousness.  You have all been deconstructing the old vibrational reality that does not support the new frequencies of Sovereignty and Unity Consciousness. You are now starting to sift through the pieces of your old reality to see what parts will serve you and what parts have held you in chains as you begin to reconstruct your new reality.  2013 will be a year in which this process will be speeding up tremendously causing you to ride the emotional wave into healing and integration as you observe and focus on the incredible constructive changes beginning to align to these higher frequencies.

 Notice I used the word deconstruct rather than crumbling or destruct because in  a conscious shift, you are being guided to embrace the values and thoughts that have served you well and integrate and expand new levels of thoughts and feelings to create a change from duality to unity while still embracing your individual and divine uniqueness as God creators. Of course, your feelings are and will continue to be key in this endeavor. If you do not already believe and know that all your emotional energy has a value, then you will be among those still struggling greatly as 2013 dawns upon planet earth. 

 This year has the potential to bring into every life an awakening and expansion that began to permeate your planet and the hearts of every human way back in 1987 and has already reached critical mass in 2012 - or as they say in marketing “the tipping point”. What will you do with this higher frequency?  How will you integrate its energetic power into your lives?  It is, as always, a choice. The emotional question is: Do you understand that every feeling you have was created by a thought and if that thought created a difficult feeling you must learn to choose to use that difficult emotional energy constructively to change your life and your thoughts.  If you can master or at the very least be conscious of this emotional truth, you will experience a remarkable year for you will have understood the gift of feelings.

 For example dear ones, if you are furious about an experience that has happened to you, two things are going on 1. You did not yet take responsibility for your creation and 2: you used your negative emotional energy destructively rather than constructively. Negative is not bad!  It is simply the opposite of positive. When the two energies are integrated they create, such as when the negative and positive poles of a battery meet and create a charge you can use to power a change.(darkness into light, silence to sound, hot to cool and so on). There is so much more to share but I want to move on to the changes I see as probable for many of you through out 2013, many of which have already begun and are expanding but receive very little attention in your media.

 Although the media is and will continue to focus deliberately on the fear and negativity, those already emanating the higher frequency will be focused on the incredible positive changes gaining momentum.  Watch for a new banking and monetary system to rise out of the ashes and deconstruction of the old.  It is already growing a healthy root system underground and you will see it poke through this coming year.  New modalities of medicine and healing will break through the constraints that have limited the potential to help so many more people. The debt factor will shift significantly.  Debt will no longer be factored in as it is now by the end of 2013.  More earth shifts will be experienced as it is part of the cycle and cleanse but each one will bring awakening and opportunity.

And through all of this, many of the same constraints will continue to create a shadow across the landscape.  But just remember, you will attract what you are vibrating so shine your light on those things that are sprouting out of the cold darkness and give them the warmth of your hearts to grow and take hold. When bombarded from without, go within and stay focused in that sacred space. Just like any seeds, the seeds of change need nourishing to thrive.  As so many teachers and masters have shared, the New Earth is emerging and it is every individual’s choice where to focus their consciousness. Catch the magic and soar or swim in the decaying mess of an old paradigm. Both will exist throughout the coming year.

 As many of you know, we have reached the end of the Mayan Calendar, completed a full 26,000 Procession of the Equinoxes and aligned with our galactic center so it stands to reason that massive change is underway.  After all, if you drain a pond and create a new biosphere where air replaces water, all life not compatible with this new medium will deconstruct and from its nutrients will be created a new life in harmony with this change. Feel your way through dear ones, and do not be afraid to use these feelings…all of them are your teachers no matter how they may be interpreted.   Open your hearts and as always, take care of who you are.  In Lak’ech   Ezekiel

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December 21, 2012 The Heart Shift!

Nancy Joy - Friday, December 21, 2012

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 Reflections   December 21, 2012  Catch the Magic

December 21, 2012  No Video Today

WHEW!  I had an amazing experience and meditation early this morning as I connected to the collective universe during the time of the exact alignment of the three suns.  I followed the You Tube broadcast created by Drunvelo as he has been a mentor and teacher for me since I studied with him in the early 90’s. We were guided into a heart connection so profound that I have no words…a cosmic all knowing love so expansive that “in the blink of an eye” I traveled into myself in a way I never have.  I am still integrating the experience but I can say I am living in my heart ever since. I know you are each experiencing this day in your own way as you all are birthing the cosmic OM heard  everywhere in creation. (Click on this link.  Go to the second video and register then click play.  Do this any day if you are busy today.) Drunvelo's Meditation

I will be in Tallahassee with my grandchildren tomorrow and I will be connecting again next week as the New Year arrives.  I wanted to share today on the very special Winter Solstice, Mary Fitzpatrick’s astounding beautiful message from Gaia below.  It is profound.  Mary channels our Mother Earth. Enjoy the message as Gaia shares the birthing with all of you. Connect with Mary from the link below.  Blessings to you all!  Breathe into your hearts and feel the true shift of the ages!  See you next week as our New Reality expands from our heart across the all time and space.

  Messages from Gaia

From Gaia

Feel the hush.  It’s hard to breathe as the reality of the impending birth sinks into my heart, my soul.

The womb, place of the gestation of new life, is now empty.  The new life form is in the birth canal, is birthing, being pushed out, entering the earth…reaching, stretching, rejoicing to bring the new, be the new.

One more push and the new is born, enters our world, joins our world, becomes our world and we are one.


Feel the quiet excitement, the joy, the celebration.  It’s happened!  The new is here.  The separation is healed!!!

Who knew.  We thought this day, this time, was far away in the distant future.  Many never sensed it as even a possibility.  But now, now, yes NOW, it is a reality!

Surely some intuitively knew it was possible, even sensed its approach.  But now?  Us? Here?? Surely, that’s impossible, too good to be true.

But we’re not ready.  The earth is a mess.  The timing must be off, the birth premature.

No, my dear children, beloved ones, precious partners, my dear darling co-creators.  How is the new birthed?  Do plants emerge in their mature form?  Are animals and people birthed in their adult stage?

No!  The seed is small, babies fragile.  They are new and fresh, perfect bearers of the new.  And I, the One who births, I know the timing.  It’s now!  Let’s dance and celebrate, rejoice!

Be happy.  Look around you.  The old order is collapsing.  It has outlived its usefulness.  Let it go.  A fire is spreading across the earth, the old is dying, the new is being born.  Know for sure that the Goddess is rising.

What is the new?  You need only look within your heart to see:

Harmony-all creation attuned and held in the same energy.

Peace-inside and out, no more striving and fruitless searching.  The new, before unseen, is now visible.  Touch it and know that it is true.

Love-truly all is contained in this pervasive, all-encompassing love.  Always love, only love, nothing else.  The illusions are vanishing, let them disappear.

All you need will be provided.  All wisdom, all love, all gifts-they are already along the path you will take. Just walk with open hands and open hearts and they will appear.  Feel the joy of this discovery.

As the Goddess rises, so does love.  Separateness is no more.

Take my hand, beloved ones, and each others hands.  From the dust of stars we will create beauty together, always together.  The broken will be healed, the web of life restored to glorious perfection.  The broken will be joined in wonderful wholeness.  Nature will be beautiful beyond our wildest imagination.

Breathe in the truth of this loveliness.  Be peaceful amidst the storms.  Know that all is well, that this birthing is a time of great joy.

Rest against the bosom of the Goddess for she is love, tender and gentle.  Join the rhythm of her quietly beating heart.  Time slips away as this stillness brings all into a oneness that cannot be divided.

You are loved.  Indeed you are love.  Love overflowing.  The Goddess, the Mother loves you.  Rest in this.  Breathe it into your heart.

I love you, says the Goddess.  We are one.

 Nancy Joy’s favorite 2012 video.  Excellent scientific and very amusing!

2012 from A to Z

From a very Mayan perspective.  Shift of the Ages Movie

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This is it! The Shift of 2012

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 17, 2012

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 Reflections   This is it!  The Shift of 2012…

December 17, 2012     Nancy Joy's Video 

*Evidently the picture of a mule tied to a plastic chair will not copy into my Email template. I apologize.  I will show it in the video.


 If there is one message to ring in our heart during the Great Shift of 2012 and beyond…this picture is worth a thousand words.

Isn’t it true that chains that imprison me and

The ropes that tie me down,

Preventing me from feeling and being free,

Are more mental than physical?

I tend to tie myself to limitations that are perceived but not real.

It’s TIME to review and consider what it is I have tied myself to,

That stops me, from…

Learning. expanding, expressing and fulfilling my potential,

That stops me from

Being and living free         Brahma Kumaris Athens Centre


Thank you Ruth Cartwright, my friend in Greece, for passing this on to me. This is the truth of our old reality. As you breathe into your heart space during these next days as we travel through time and cosmic inner space into the black whole of consciousness awakening in our hearts, set yourself free.  Plain and simple, it is ONLY your perceptions and mental programming that chain you to anything. 

 Horses,or mules, as this picture seems to indicate,  (and we are stubborn!) are meant to run free, to follow their hearts and their passion and know the value of the community and love.  Great symbolism.  There really is NOTHING holding you back from the flow of this wave of heart consciousness amping up all around you but your belief that there is.  Stop looking for what will happen now and identify the reigns that hold you to your the plastic chair (illusion).  It is almost always fear. The more outdated beliefs you can shift the easier your ride into this New Earth will be. The truth is that no matter what unfolds with sun changes, magnetics, time line, Nibiru, weather anomalies or ET’s, if you are in your heart the experience will be divinely perfect.

 I know that some of you feel right now as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, saying when will it shift.  Well it is and it has but have you is the real question?  If you feel trapped by a situation or relationship it is only because you chose to see it as a chain rather than an opportunity to create a different belief to support a New Reality.  Although everything is aligning to support these deep inner shift, and it will soon be easier than ever, how about helping it along?  This mule could have green pastures and pristine lakes all around but he would still feel trapped.  Where is this you?

 Cross your hands palm to palm over your heart space (high heart not physical heart)  often over the next week and breath.  Feel the chains break apart.  Feel the freedom your heart pulls you toward. Embrace your potential to create, to love, to forgive and dwell in compassion.  Awaken your brain within your heart space; you male embracing your female, and you embracing the magic of the gift of being human during the shift of the ages. I am so very blessed to be holding hands with all of  you on our journey into the New.  See you next week. Absolutely!

 I have posted several excellent video links below from all those I have sifted through about the shift of 2012 .  Enjoy those you are drawn to.

. Drunvalo Melchizedek - 2012 & Beyond (time:1:10:39) Coast to Coast Interview


 Drunvalo Melchizedek - 2012 The Prophecies of the Heart (time:1:15:10)


This is not "doom and gloom" info, but a real expose on what is actually happening.

From a very Mayan perspective.  Shift of the Ages Movie

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December 21, 2012 Get a handle on your Shift!

Nancy Joy - Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Friends,

 What an incredible wave of energy moved across our planet and our consciousnesses on 12:12:12.  Now it’s just a little more than a week and we have arrived at December 21, 2012.  This is a great time for a session with Ezekiel and me as we move into the shift and onto 2013.  Discover what’s left to clear, get an idea of what’s to come and connect hearts with the flow of Unity Consciousness.

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 Hope to be chatting with some of you soon.  Whatever you are doing now and where ever you will be during these next days, this is an amazing time and I am so grateful and blessed to be walking hand-and-hand with all of you into the New Reality.  Look for my Year End Weekly Reflections soon…a peak at 2013.

 Love and blessings for a joyous Holiday Season.  In Lak’ech

 Nancy Joy

Abortion: An Integrated Approach to the New Reality

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 03, 2012

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December 3, 2012  

Nancy Joy's Video   Abortion: An Integrated Approach in the New Reality

Ezekiel has made it so clear to me that the ticket for a smoother ride into the shift and the New Reality is to approach everything in terms of “integration” rather than our programmed dualistic patterns.  Along these lines, I have been moving in that direction with every trigger that comes my way and goodness knows there are enough of them floating around out there right now.  I have found that as I am able to create a new way to move forward that acknowledges both polarities and that both points of view have  some validity and common ground, a beautiful new answer comes.  I am going to follow this theme most weeks in the Reflections leading into 2013 so you can see how this can work so well in your own lives.

For example, to show you how incredibly powerful this new approach can be, let’s take abortion.  This particular issue brings such emotional reaction and judgment on both sides of the fence that it has divided friendships, families and certainly political candidates to name a few for ages.  To define the issue simply I would say it is a question of when we believe life begins or when the soul enters the fetus and if we, as humans, have a right to decide that and terminate that potential life.  It is, to say the least, a moral issue.  Ezekiel has always taught me there is no right or wrong but simply the lesson and the soul agreements that we are here to understand.  Below is the integrated approach and it works! Granted it takes a certain level of consciousness but isn’t that what we are hear to learn?

Long ago, I began counseling clients teeter tottering on the issue of ending their pregnancies or going to full term to put the decision completely aside and connect with the incoming soul in meditation, prayer or journaling.  In this way they share their fears and concerns and do some imagery having a conversation with the higher self of the new life and their own higher self.  Sometimes I lead them on a guided journey into this conversation on a beach or out in nature.  This shift can take many forms. (This can be the same experience for the father as well). It is best to stay in this space of discovery for 3 days or 72 hours because that is the time it often takes for transformation to unfold.

I am here to tell you that in the dozen or so times that I have worked in this new way with clients struggling with this issue, a heartfelt answer has always come in one form or another, allowing the person to understand and shift out of right or wrong and guilt into the emotional and spiritual understanding of their experience. The results are always as unique as each individual.  In a number cases, there have been spontaneous abortions terminating the pregnancies after this situation has been brought into the heart and understood.  In other cases, the parent has decided to move forward with the pregnancy and begins to connect with the new being with love rather than fear.  I have been privileged to enjoy watching some of these babies grow up and have even married several couples after this process. Some, of course, carried their babies with love and then found loving parents for their child through adoption. In a few other cases, the pregnancies are terminated and there is a connection and healing that remains in tack for a future relationship with the soul coming into their lives as a child later on when they are more prepared or, sometimes, the child is born to someone close to them and a special relationship develops.

So you see, this is quite amazing and made possible by moving out of judgment about sin, playing God, a woman’s right to control her own body and so on and into the magical place of co-creation.  I firmly believe that after the triggered emotions are felt and understood and when anyone makes a conscious choice to find an integrated approach in their hearts, all duality can be used as energy for creating the New Reality.  Try it in your own life.  (Hint:  don’t be hung up on expected results, but stay open for the perfect unfoldment!) and ride the wave into your heart space.

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