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Reflections:   August 4, 2014   Paying It Forward/Are You Onboard?

What if the world is just a big disappointment? …  Unless you take the things you don’t like about this world and you flip them upside down and you can! Start that today.  Kevin Spacey opening line in the movie Pay It Forward.

Is it possible for one idea to change the world Spacey asks?  About a decade ago a group of spiritual minded friends joined an abundance Circle that was active for about two years.  One week we decided to each take an amount of money that works for us…stretching beyond our “lack” consciousness and give it away over the week to help as many people as possible…anonymously if possible.  It was such a hit.  We all had such amazing PIF stories to share.  It was a tremendous high and great momentum to see the world changing from disappointment to possibilities.

 I personally carried $20 bills in my pocket all week and ask to be guided to situations to PIF where they would make a difference. With each bill magic happened and with each interaction my heart expanded with gratitude and compassion. The best was a rather down and out elderly man in the grocery store counting his money as he looked at the prices.  I walked by and placed a $20 bill with a sticky note that said PLEASE PAY IT FORWARD right on top and kept walking.  I watched as he turned around and saw the money.  He looked all around and quickly then slipped the money into his pocket.  As he walked by me he had the biggest smile on his face.

When I began doing my free mini sessions this past October these PIF memories came flooding back to me so I requested people scheduling a free session to Pay It Forward and to please email me there PIF journeys.  Of course not everyone did, but many did and OMG the stories from around the world were amazing.  I could go one and on but please listen to the video to hear more great stories.

So, along these lines I am guided now to put forward a Heartlight’s Pay It Forward in another venue.  I invite each of you to chose one week during the Month of August and consciously make it your PIF week.  Have fun with this.  It doesn’t have to be money but what ever fun and meaningful ways you can change someone’s energy and life with your magic, go for it.  If you email me your PIF stories, I will post them on my website so we can all catch the magic of the energy we are creating as a group. As my PIF here I will be offering a free April Sedona Red Rocks Journey (a $999 value) to the best and most energetic PIF.  Anyone who sends me a story may get a free 10 minute mini session they can gift or use.  Of course you have to play to win (sounds like the Power Ball)   *The Free Sedona Trip is based on having enough folks to make it happen. There will need to be at least 8 folks for the free trip reward*

Let’s agree to energize magic in our hearts and in our lives this August and have a fun time dancing with this opportunity to change the world.  If one little boy in the movie can create magic think what we all can do as we consciously Pay It Forward during this shift.  Follow your heart and take the challenge.

Assistance for you in 2014…

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Last but far from leastJoin us for a life changing journeys in 2015

 EGYPT  The Return…Private Nile Cruise…  March 8-19th  

SEDONA Altars of The Red Rocks   April-26-May 1

Join Ezekiel and Nancy Joy Spirit of Alaska Cruise June 12-19  Check It Out