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Thanksgiving and Family Dynamics

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 01, 2014

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ReflectionsDecember 1, 2014    Thanksgiving Family Dynamics Revealed

Nancy Joy's Video

The Light brings an ending to the comfortable illusions that were woven into everyday living here on this planet. The Light requires a readjustment in one's perceptions. Hilarion

        I had an amazing Thanksgiving in so very many ways.  When ever family gathers, and in this case my children and grandchildren were all here together for the first time in four years for one week… there is the joy /love of family and also typically the uncomfortable family dynamics surfacing all at the same time.  Both things are true.  This year I was, however, more acutely than ever,  aware that the consciousness with which you experience such a reunion and gathering makes the experience entirely different than the family dynamics of old.  Thus Hilarion’s statement that the light requires an adjustment in perceptions is so true on so many levels.

        We throw the word Light around quite a bit and perhaps the feeling of it in relationship to love and compassion is more important than the definition.  Just like anytime you shine the “light” into the dark, you uncover lots of things you never realized where there.  For example, I don’t see the dirty windows during the night.  It only shows up when the morning sun reveals the smudges and dirt.  So experiencing the family dynamic that is created from all the old shadow patters in compassion and love changes the outcome and begins a deep healing process.  It doesn’t mean just be this radiant light and pretend the triggers aren’t there.  It means your amazing light is bringing them up for a shift in consciousness in relationship to them.

        This week was almost surreal to me like I was living on another planet.  There was so much constant action, shifting feelings. love and healing that although I am physically and probably even a little emotionally exhausted, I am exhilarated by all the shadow patterns that surfaced and all the love that came together to reprogram these patterns or at least start to shift them into a higher vibration.

        So much happened in one week.  I saw everyone including me fall back into old patterns and yet I was able to consciously shift my own responsibility and take a look at our family’s often times stubborn loop that when you step back from it, is almost comical.  I saw how easily our egos want to drag us back into the dark to keep repeating the insanity of it all.  The kids were the best.  I watched the explosions and the instant shifts when cousins and siblings feel there way through these patterns.  No one stays mad as adults often do and yet they do cycle back into the same loop usually and repeat the same pattern.  It always centers in the word “I.”  That’s my doll!  It my turn to play the video came!  I want to chose the movie.  It your fault. And on it goes and yet the string of love between us all was way more powerful than any trigger that attempted to conquer and divide.

        I watched my two sons walk cautiously between their very different worlds with love and respect, which has not always been the case.  I drove with them alone to the Outlet Mall about 45 minutes away and as I sat in the back seat, I was overwhelmed with the healing words and sharing I over heard.  On the way home we touched into my patterns that trigger them and it felt so beautiful to be able to understand rather than need to defend myself.  I could see my consciousness (light) unfolding and feel it in my heart. 

        At the end of the visit our septic tank had backed up and although not a pretty sight, I couldn’t help but smile as I realized that all our family shit had been brought into the “light.”  Fortunately it was just a block in the line and the plumber just left.  The shit etc has been washed away and our family is all flowing again.  I am not implying we are a healed family at all but instead I am welcoming the triggers our consciousness brings to light because looping back to the same old thing is so upsetting and sad and, as it turns out, completely unnecessary. So take a conscious look at your Thanksgiving dynamic and at your relationships in this moment and see where the journey takes you.  As always, it’s a matter of choice.  You can’t change the past, but you can heal the moment.  Catch the Magic as we head into the rest of our Holiday season and take every opportunity your light presents you to shine your consciousness into healing.

 I am so thankful for everyone of you that connects with my journey in your thoughts, in your hearts, in an email.  Thank you all so very much.

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