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This is it! The Shift of 2012

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 17, 2012

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 Reflections   This is it!  The Shift of 2012…

December 17, 2012     Nancy Joy's Video 

*Evidently the picture of a mule tied to a plastic chair will not copy into my Email template. I apologize.  I will show it in the video.


 If there is one message to ring in our heart during the Great Shift of 2012 and beyond…this picture is worth a thousand words.

Isn’t it true that chains that imprison me and

The ropes that tie me down,

Preventing me from feeling and being free,

Are more mental than physical?

I tend to tie myself to limitations that are perceived but not real.

It’s TIME to review and consider what it is I have tied myself to,

That stops me, from…

Learning. expanding, expressing and fulfilling my potential,

That stops me from

Being and living free         Brahma Kumaris Athens Centre


Thank you Ruth Cartwright, my friend in Greece, for passing this on to me. This is the truth of our old reality. As you breathe into your heart space during these next days as we travel through time and cosmic inner space into the black whole of consciousness awakening in our hearts, set yourself free.  Plain and simple, it is ONLY your perceptions and mental programming that chain you to anything. 

 Horses,or mules, as this picture seems to indicate,  (and we are stubborn!) are meant to run free, to follow their hearts and their passion and know the value of the community and love.  Great symbolism.  There really is NOTHING holding you back from the flow of this wave of heart consciousness amping up all around you but your belief that there is.  Stop looking for what will happen now and identify the reigns that hold you to your the plastic chair (illusion).  It is almost always fear. The more outdated beliefs you can shift the easier your ride into this New Earth will be. The truth is that no matter what unfolds with sun changes, magnetics, time line, Nibiru, weather anomalies or ET’s, if you are in your heart the experience will be divinely perfect.

 I know that some of you feel right now as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, saying when will it shift.  Well it is and it has but have you is the real question?  If you feel trapped by a situation or relationship it is only because you chose to see it as a chain rather than an opportunity to create a different belief to support a New Reality.  Although everything is aligning to support these deep inner shift, and it will soon be easier than ever, how about helping it along?  This mule could have green pastures and pristine lakes all around but he would still feel trapped.  Where is this you?

 Cross your hands palm to palm over your heart space (high heart not physical heart)  often over the next week and breath.  Feel the chains break apart.  Feel the freedom your heart pulls you toward. Embrace your potential to create, to love, to forgive and dwell in compassion.  Awaken your brain within your heart space; you male embracing your female, and you embracing the magic of the gift of being human during the shift of the ages. I am so very blessed to be holding hands with all of  you on our journey into the New.  See you next week. Absolutely!

 I have posted several excellent video links below from all those I have sifted through about the shift of 2012 .  Enjoy those you are drawn to.

. Drunvalo Melchizedek - 2012 & Beyond (time:1:10:39) Coast to Coast Interview


 Drunvalo Melchizedek - 2012 The Prophecies of the Heart (time:1:15:10)


This is not "doom and gloom" info, but a real expose on what is actually happening.

From a very Mayan perspective.  Shift of the Ages Movie

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